Wrong-facing antennas to blame for dilemma

POOR digital television reception in Tea Gardens Hawks Nest is generally not the result of an unreliable signal but poorly installed and wrong facing antennas, according to Adam Males, of Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Antenna Services.

Member for Paterson, Bob Baldwin, who has been campaigning for residents to receive better digital television reception, met Mr Males last week to discuss the issue.

"He has raised some very valid points," Mr Baldwin said.

"I'm trying to work towards getting a solution for the people so they can have the reception they're entitled to."

Mr Males said it was not unusual to find a street in Tea Gardens Hawks Nest where the antennas were the cheapest model and were pointing the wrong way.

He said the digital ready website informed people that their antennas should be facing towards Mount Sugar Loaf but residents could get much better reception from Gan Gan.

"Our area also has a unique signal profile that needs time to be learned and taken into account during each install. Installers from another area simply just configure the antenna in a way that's working in their area, not ours," he said.

"Each day I get complaints like 'but it's a new antenna' or 'the signal in this area is poor, they have to fix it'.

"They have improved the signal but people cannot receive the signal to a poor antenna pointing the wrong way."

Mr Males believes close to 100 per cent of Tea Gardens Hawks Nest has very good and reliable digital signal.

Mr Males recommended residents who were struggling with television reception get a second opinion from an antenna specialist.

Mr Baldwin said he had also been in contact with the minister about upgrading the Gan Gan signal tower and getting a new transmitter installed at Nerong.

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