Boat destroyed in Raymond Terrace blaze

A BOAT in a Raymond Terrace dry dock has been severely fire damaged after it caught alight shortly before midnight on Wednesday.

A Fire and Rescue NSW spokeswoman said firefighters responded to reports a boat was alight in a compound located at the end Swan Street, Raymond Terrace, about 11.54pm on October 29.

The compound, a dry dock located on the riverfront, is used to store boats and gives owners the opportunity to address maintenance issues out of the water.

A Fire and Rescue NSW crew from Raymond Terrace arrived shortly after midnight to find a fishing trawler alight.

Two crews from Tarro also responded to the callout.

The spokeswoman said two lines of hose were used to put the fire out.

It was extinguished by 1am.

The spokeswoman said the trawler had been severely damaged with another boat docked next to it also receiving heat and smoke damage.

About 11.30am on Thursday, October 30, the Raymond Terrace crew were called to the site again to extinguish a small fire smoldering on the boat.

It was out 20 minutes later.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.