Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner

Roads not a highlight

Another long weekend in the beautiful pristine waters of Port Stephens where many visitors have enjoyed the facilities of the Nelson Bay, Shoal Bay and Fingal Bay waterfronts.

Well done to Port Stephens Council; its progressive councillors and professional staff. It is a pity we have to endure the continual traffic hold ups during these holiday periods. If State and Federal politicans where as active as our councillors we may receive funding for an alternate route to Shoal  Bay and Fingal Bay. We have been waiting long enough.

NICE WEATHER FOR IT: Tourists spent the Easter weekend enjoying the Port's beauty but battled long traffic queues. Picture: Ellie-Marie Watts

NICE WEATHER FOR IT: Tourists spent the Easter weekend enjoying the Port's beauty but battled long traffic queues. Picture: Ellie-Marie Watts

Gerry Mohan

Shoal Bay

Time to heed hospital call

I cannot agree more with Ray Dean (Letters, Examiner, April 13) and his passionate call for a bigger hospital in the Port. 

Really it is not difficult to see the benefits to the community that such health facility will bring, yet our local politicians have not taken up the call and shown leadership by their actions. I know that it may be difficult when local politicians are not in Government, but who is to tell what the next elections will bring?

Ernest To


New bus route on way

Following up on the article “School roundabout fix is in the planning” (Examiner, April 6) I wish to reaffirm that St Philip’s Christian College is committed to ongoing efforts to resolve traffic congestion issues at the roundabout addressed in the article. With this in mind, I am pleased to announce that a new bus route will soon commence between the college and Medowie.  This will be a blessing for families and will further reduce the need for private vehicle usage. 

Dr Timothy Petterson, Principal

St Philip’s Christian College, Salamander Bay

Poem: Roadhouse Rebels

I had the strangest feeling that a friend might need a hand

So we went up to Karuah to support his two man band.

Karuah Roadhouse is now holding a Wednesday open mic

With Stix and PJ hosting locals to play just what they like.

Beer and wine is now on sale to follow the evening meal

Accompanied by sweet music, it is a real good deal.

We arrived to see the locals clustered in a group

Seated and quietly chatting with the ukulele troupe.

The show got underway and I sat there with a beer

And at the end of every song I’d let drive with a cheer.

I got some funny looks from the reserved and proper crowd,

It was like they hadn’t seen a show that got a little loud.

A funny silent feeling fell, one of impending gloom,

As in walked five rough diamonds lighting up the room.

They had some makeshift instruments and were ready to rock and roll,

Happy and joyful bush folk are warming to the soul.

They sang and danced and cheered and yelled, they really had a time

One even played a washboard to keep the band in line.

What a time we had that night with not too many locals,

They were all sitting bored at home watching TV yokels.

They could enjoy a beer or two and a happy music show

On Wednesday night at Karuah Roadhouse, it is the place to go.

Bring your friends and enjoy the night and sing or play a song

One thing’s sure the smile you have will last the whole night long.

Robert Callinan 2017 ©, West Wallsend