Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner

Brighten up the CBD

As a resident of Port Stephens for many years I am very disappointed at the depressed state of the Nelson Bay CBD.

Last week, at the Bluewater Country Music Festival, we had the opportunity to show off our great area.

What visitors would have found was the number of premises either shut or rundown – particularly in Magnus Street and the Nelson Towers Arcade.

I have a suggestion that would not ‘cost the earth’ but make Magnus and Stockton Streets bright, cheerful and somewhere worth visiting safely at night.

It even works during the day.

Hang tasteful, colourful, lighting across the streets on decorative metal frames which, in turn, would also attract attention during the day.

EVENT: The Bluewater Country Music Festival attracted thousands but the state of the CBD was disappointing according to Doug Jacka. Picture: Henk Tobbe

EVENT: The Bluewater Country Music Festival attracted thousands but the state of the CBD was disappointing according to Doug Jacka. Picture: Henk Tobbe

Very simple. 

Define the CBD precinct so visitors know where it is.

I have seen this method work in many seaside resort towns, both in Australia and overseas.

It is about time our councillors and politicians from across Port Stephens stopped their continual sniping at each other and running personal vendettas and got off their backsides, opened their eyes and walked the streets of Nelson Bay CBD to see what is happening, first hand.

Doug Jacka

Salamander Bay

Big bucks for Bocce

$300,000 that’s a lot of money.

When I first read $300,000 for a loan for a croquet and bocce field at Boomerang Park I thought that there must have been a typo where a couple of naughts had been added by mistake.

A rough estimate indicates about $3000 for a formal bocce terrain and there are existing grassed fields ideal for croquet, so how did the council come up with this figure and where is the rest of the money going?

Another clubhouse surrounded by security fencing to keep the public out?  

A suitable facility already exists in Boomerang Park at the sport fields for these activities without the need to allocate precious public funds.

We all want facilities in Boomerang Park but they need to be the right facilities endorsed the right way and funded responsibly.

$300,000 is a lot of money when there are still no working BBQs, no bench seats or paths in Boomerang Park.

This doesn’t make moral, common or financial sense.

Jillian Lye

Raymond Terrace

Heartened by generosity

The Salvation Army would like to send a big thank-you to the Australian Public for its incredible support of this year’s Red Shield Appeal.

There is a great need in our community and the Salvos would not be able to give hope to Australians doing it tough without the overwhelming generosity of the public each year.

We are especially grateful to the thousands of volunteers who assisted us over the Red Shield Doorknock weekend to help those in need.

We are heartened to see the Australian public unite to give hope where it’s needed most.

In a typical week throughout Australia, the Salvos provides 100,000 meals for the hungry, 2000 beds for the homeless, distributes up to 8000 food vouchers and gives refuge to 500 victims of abuse.

It is not too late to donate to the Red Shield Appeal.

You can donate by calling 13 SALVOS (13 72 58).

Or online at salvos.org.au

Once again we sincerely thank you.

Leigh Cleave 

Communications & Fundraising Director, 

The Salvation Army