Port Stephens Council approval decreases in annual survey but still at 'all time high'

A survey of residents has found satisfaction with Port Stephens Council has slightly decreased in the past 12 months.

Satisfaction had previously peaked as high as 86 per cent across when the council asked questiosn about its numerous areas of responsibility.

This year scored 79 per cent from 801 respondents to the survey.

"The historical trend for Community Satisfaction in Port Stephens Council over the last 7 years has been one of significant improvement, from a low of 55.8 per cent in 2011 to the present day figure of 79 per cent, which is quite extraordinary,” the council’s general manager Wayne Wallis said.

"A satisfaction level of 79 per cent is very high from an industry perspective and indicates a community that is satisfied with the way we deliver our services, however we are continuously striving to improve how we are delivering our services and communicating with our community."

"Drops in satisfaction levels across all our services were generally small to moderate from last year's highs. However, looking at historical trends, we have seen some quantum leaps in satisfaction in recent years."

The council reported the findings to councillors this week. In the staff’s assessment, it found that with 801 respondents, the “statistical sample could be inadequate to support the findings”. However they considered this risk low.

"These annual survey results represent a very important body of work. Listening to our community and giving the opportunity to influence the outcomes that affect them is a key role of council and one that we take very seriously," Mr Wallis said

"The data we collect in this survey will not only help us to inform the next council, but also assist us in developing the community strategic plan, which will be developed over the next 12 months."

SATISFACTION: Mick Jagger entertains at Hope Estate. Picture: Peter Stoop

SATISFACTION: Mick Jagger entertains at Hope Estate. Picture: Peter Stoop