Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner

A question of experience

Congratulations to Ryan Palmer on his election as Mayor of Port Stephens Council.

However I do question whether it is appropriate, or the right thing that someone who has not previously served as a councillor, and therefore has had some local government experience, should be able to nominate and be elected to this position.

Tradesmen need to serve an apprenticeship and others need to become qualified before assuming higher positions.

I hope Ryan serves the community well and I wish him all the best.

Dennis Moore

Raymond Terrace.

Coverage an asset

Now that council elections are over, the successful candidates on September 9 will be sworn in to serve the community as they said they would.

Looking back on the campaigns, and what was said and done, one may not find anything outstanding.

However, we may hopefully have a more harmonious Port Stephens Council for the betterment of the community for a few years.

That said, I have found the reporting of the elections by Fairfax Media excellent:

"Fairfax Media's roving reporters were on the streets to report on every democracy dog and election sausage!"

I found the live reports and photographs on the Port Stephens Examiner's website one of the best of reporting on elections, including Federal and State, for many years.

It's one of the best.

I sincerely hope Fairfax Media will remain a strong regional media, and keep the politicians honest for years to come.

Ernest To


Time to fix the roads

Port Stephens residents have had their democratic vote on the future directions of council business.

Let's hope decisions are now made for the benefit of residents and that we see a council working together to eliminate the political environmental delays of the past.

Port Stephens deserves better roads, transport and health services before giving developers priority to build high rise developments.

Gerry Mohan

Shoal Bay

Exploring options early

In regards to the recent careers day at Raymond Terrace Public School, Carmel Dunn [the school’s community liaison officer] is doing a wonderful job in assisting students to explore their career options. 

Ongoing developmental, structured, age appropriate interventions such as this throughout students' schooling helps to ensure that they are able to explore their interests, abilities and values and make informed decisions about subject choices, further education and work.

Well done, Carmel and well done Raymond Terrace Public School.

Cherylle Stone

Soldiers Point

Time for Bill of Rights

FRESH FACE: Ryan Palmer is set to become the next Mayor of Port Stephens in what was his first bid for council election. Picture: Marina Neil

FRESH FACE: Ryan Palmer is set to become the next Mayor of Port Stephens in what was his first bid for council election. Picture: Marina Neil

Our country and Parliament is in a furor over, and currently debating the rights of certain groups of people.

However, Australia is host to the Commonwealth Games in 2018 and is the only Commonwealth country whose people do not have a Bill of Rights.

Obviously our politicians think that the Australian people are not worthy of having the same equality and rights of other countries in the Commonwealth and OECD [Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development].

More than 200 years on and, it seems, we are still being treated like convicts.

Norm Jackson

Salamander Bay