Something Fishy | Rock fishing a risky business

 SAFETY FIRST: Life jackets to be made compulsory.

SAFETY FIRST: Life jackets to be made compulsory.

You don’t need me to tell you that rock fishing is a dodgy business and it is for that reason that I rarely encourage you to fish off the headlands or rocky outcrops. An overnight change in weather accompanied by tidal change can turn a comfortable fishing spot into a dangerous trap.

The fact remains that from Fingal south to Birubi provides some of the most exciting and productive rock fishing available. Snapper, luderick, bream, tailor, kingfish, groper, drummer, mulloway, salmon and leatherjacket can all be caught tossing baits just behind the wash. Best baits include big prawns, pilchards, cunjevoi, squid and octopus. Berleying with bread drives the fish crackers.

It is my opinion that soon all rock fishermen will be required to wear a safety vest. I have no problem with this change as I believe that you have a greater chance of survival on the surface than under it. The rescue organisations support the move as it makes their job easier. My only question is how will the new law be policed when we are already understaffed?

John ‘Stinker’ Clarke