Anna Bay Public School musical Count Me In Too runs September 14-15

The hot topic of bullying will be tackled by Anna Bay Public School students this week.

All students will perform in the annual school musical, called Count Me In Too, which will have a run of three performances beginning noon on Thursday.

Count Me In Too was written by teachers Margaret Allen and Jenny Dobbie.

It has been brought to life with help from the school's creative arts committee.

Phyllis Parker, head of the committee, said the musical has important messages of friendship and inclusiveness.

"The characters are bright and brilliant," she said.

"Each portrays the diverse culture of our society [and] brings together the message of inclusiveness, teamwork and friendship."

Aleah Doran, 12, who plays Lees the zebra, said she enjoyed being part of the musical and explained the storyline as "a team of kids have to work together when they get lost in the jungle... to find their way back".

Aleah and Emily Marrone, 12, who is another zebra named Merry are part of the main cast which also consists of Zac Genders, 11, who plays a troll, Jacob Small, 9, a tomato, and his 'enemy' Ava Forster, 11, who is a slice of pizza named Oily in the musical.

Doors to the September 14 matinee performance open at noon for a 12.30pm start.

Shows will be staged in the Anna Bay Public School hall.

Thursday's 7pm show is already sold out. The final performance will be at 12.30pm on Friday, September 15.

Doors open at noon.

Tickets, available from the school's office, cost $15 per adult and $5 for children under 5.

There are still tickets available for the matinee performances.