Medowie's Imugi Taekwondo return from NSW National All Styles Championships with 13 state titles | photos

Medowie’s Imugi Taekwondo has proven their state pedigree with 13 titles at the NSW National All Styles Championships, and booked a berth at the National Championships in December.

The martial arts academy fielded a team in the state-level tournament, which was held at Sydney Olympic Park on Sunday, October 15.

The school’s chief Chung Sa Nim Tony Gillespie stated he was proud of the team for the honours they returned with, and said for the team to get to the “highest level ever [in Australia] is fantastic”.

“Proven success is great, and it helps the lessons and teachings at the school,” Gillespie said. “It increases the standard that we expect in the team and improves everything because we have to stay at that same level.”

“We have to be the best all the time, and the kids come into that environment seeing that it’s what is expected of them, so they just fit right in and we maintain that really great level. It’s great for the kids, the school and the prestige.”

Now that the Imugi school has earned a national berth again, the competitors’ eyes are on defending their titles, and Gillespie revealed that “defending the title is the way to prove that you are the true champion, in the world of martial arts”.

“We have an expectation to defend those titles now, normally we come back with great results,” Gillespie said. “I’d like to defend my own title, and everyone that won last year will be to keep those honours that they earned in 2016.”

The Genea Netball Center at Sydney Olympic Park will host the 2017 NAS National Championship on December 2-3.