Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner

Transport vision needed

I appreciate very much the comments by Marie Eames (Examiner, Letters, November 23) and others on various occasions, on a light rail system joining Newcastle, the Airport and the Bay.

She's absolutely right about a more efficient public transport system other than cars and buses on congested roads of Port Stephens. Of course a light rail will require state funding, same as any major road construction.

Reading through the recently released draft community strategic plan discussion paper from Port Stephens Council, anyone would have difficulty finding a vision statement on public transport.

I know that the council has invited community inputs and comments on the plan by December 1, 2017. However, I do find that community discussions on public media such as the Examiner most valuable for engendering ideas openly. I sincerely hope that the council will take notice of these community discussions and accept them as inputs to the plan. 

More importantly that the Examiner will continue to publish readers'  letters and be a strong voice of the community.

Ernest To


Start M1 with four lanes

Six years ago the Examiner published my letter regarding the M1 Motorway Extension to Raymond Terrace and since then not a hole has been dug – despite the NSW government providing $7 million in 2016/17 and $2.75 million in 2017/18.

Its importance and benefit continues to be stressed but the RMS seemingly continues to listen to whinges and the project has lost its way trying to satisfy demands. In 1996 the aim was to provide a four lane 110 Km/h bypass around Newcastle thus removing the Hexham Bridge congestion. I am sure that your readers have experienced the exasperation of waiting.

To ease the bottle neck, and get some value from expenditure just build the four basic lanes then later add the RMS access tidbits. This approach would provide an immediate benefit to users.

Ken Myers


BACKED UP:  According to Ken Myers, the aim in 1996 was to provide a four lane 110 Km/h bypass around Newcastle, thus removing the Hexham Bridge congestion.

BACKED UP: According to Ken Myers, the aim in 1996 was to provide a four lane 110 Km/h bypass around Newcastle, thus removing the Hexham Bridge congestion.

Voters have spoken

Scott MacDonald MLC, should be advised that Jenny Aitchison of Maitland, Kate Washington of Port Stephens, and Tim Crackanthorp of Newcastle were elected by the people of their respective electorates to represent them (Aitchison told to leave hospital site, Fairfax Media, December 1).

You Mr MacDonald were appointed by your party to the upper house of NSW, not elected by the people of the three aforementioned electorates. The political game you and your party are playing excluding the three locally elected members, is as petty as it gets.

You had a hand in the election campaign where those three were elected and your people didn’t win in those seats.

Please accept the fact that those elected are the local members, not you or anyone else from your party.

Fred McInerney


Eternal thanks for care

I wish to give Tomaree Community Hospital a huge thank you for the treatment of my niece on Saturday, November 25.

The Paramedics arrived at my unit in Soldiers Point and treated her acute asthma and anxiety attack with the urgency needed and raced her off to the hospital in Nelson Bay. The nursing staff and Dr John were so attentive and caring, we could not have been in a better place.The special team which was called in to transfer her to John Hunter Hospital. To all of you I want to convey Bernadette's, my sister Noeline’s and my own eternal thanks for saving her life and we hope your Christmas is truly wonderful.

Jenny Ramsay

Soldiers Point