Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: April 12

Anna Bay a treasure

Anna Bay is a village, (re ‘Plans for 700 block Anna Bay north development’, Examiner, March 29 ).

And yes Mr Salmon, the coastal ambiance and beautiful environment of Anna Bay is highly valued by residents and tourists alike. That is the attraction.

There are many houses for sale around Anna Bay. The current infrastructure would not support such a development and we know what this means. 

Anna Bay would be developed to accommodate such a suburb and our beautiful village would disappear.  Some minor works and beautification are definitely needed however, as a visiting letter contributor observed from her experience of over development " pollution, congestion and another utopia destroyed” [Letters, Examiner, April 5].

We moved here nearly 30 years ago knowing full well we may have to travel for work and have broader services in exchange for the wonderful lifestyle Anna Bay provides.

Some will hold a different view of course.  However, you have to ask why move here then - and demand change - when there are numerous places along the coast with development and opportunities etc for those that seek such a lifestyle.   

The council would do well to study the towns along the east coast that have been turned into ugly, overdeveloped disasters with no thought to planning.

Mr Salmon started buying up land three years ago and is already pushing for higher building heights in Nelson Bay which go against the agreed council ceiling appropriate for the area.

He stated he would create a whole new community feel in Anna Bay. 

Our community is a treasure Mr Salmon - and feels just fine.

Chris and Lea McKiernan, Anna Bay

Help in time of need

Thank you to the two nurses, off-duty fireman, paramedics, plus bystanders who assisted my husband Trevor when he unfortunately came off his bicycle on Bagnells Beach Road on Tuesday, April 3.

The taxi driver involved saw Trevor trying to brake as had nowhere to go but into the back of his vehicle.

Paramedics and police were amazing. A neighbour went past and rushed to take me to an unconscious hubby. The ambulance ride was the fastest for me ever to Newcastle.

Thank you to the off-duty policeman for taking his bike home.

A second ambulance met us at Fern Bay and was appreciated.

John Hunter Hospital was excellent.

Trevor's poor face with abrasions all over, stitches and broken tooth looks a mess but thankfully no broken bones and no collapsed lung as paramedics first thought.

To all, thank you.

Kay Cherry, Corlette

Thefts demoralising

PINCHED: Plant and outdoor furniture theft is becoming increasingly common in Corlette according to Richard Burgess.

PINCHED: Plant and outdoor furniture theft is becoming increasingly common in Corlette according to Richard Burgess.

Three weeks ago we had standard roses stolen from our front garden, a neighbour also had plants stolen the same night.

I have heard of other Corlette residents having outdoor furniture stolen.

It’s very disappointing having put a lot of time and effort plus expense into the garden to have some lowlife come and destroy that. Maybe it is time for neighbourhood watch involvement or more of a police presence.

Richard Burgess, Corlette

Parking fees spike

Taking a Ferry to Hawks Nest for the day is now a luxury for retirees.

All day parking at the ferry is now $24, be warned. It is $4 per hour.

Ratepayers in Sydney suburbs would get a discount when parking at beaches or other places of interest. It would seem that no advance notice has been given to ratepayers.

It might be okay top charge tourists if you must, but show a bit of compassion to the locals. 

The ferry needs the support of the locals.

Barry Elliott, Salamander Bay