Mullet run underway in Port Stephens

It’s that time of the year again when schools of mullet run red hot into Port Stephens and commercial fishermen are on the beaches ready to net them

The mullet run traditionally begins this time of the year and continues for a couple of months.

All beaches from Stockton to Fingal, including Boat Harbour and One Mile, will be visited by schools of travelling mullet heading north.

Last year’s haul was described as “extraordinary”. 

Huge schools of fish, some 200 metres long and 40 metres wide, entered the Bay and stayed for days due to the weather.

Within days fishermen netted four tonnes of mullet at Fingal Bay.

Port Stephens fishing identity John “Stinker” Clarke calls this a “great time of the year” especially “for all those who really enjoy a feed of fish but have no idea how to catch one”.

“Through my historical research, it has been around this time, Easter and Anzac Day, that the mullet have arrived, year after year, for as far back as any records exist,” Stinker said.

“It is always top entertainment to watch the commercial fishing crews in action, beach hauling the mullet, as has been done for well over 100 years.”

Fingal Beach Surf Life Saving Club has warned beach-goers to be mindful of the fishermen.

“Please keep an eye on all signage when visiting our beach,” the club posted to its Facebook page on Monday. “Check with Lifeguards if unsure. 

“The mullet run is exciting to watch but please keep clear of the fisherman while they are working to ensure safety for all.”

The large schools of mullet not only attract fishermen but sharks, typically grey nurse, to the beaches.

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