Letter to the Port Stephens Examiner

Money better spent

I can't say I agree with the Mayor's priority for an upgraded [Tomaree] sporting complex.

I believe our sporting facilities are excellent for a small community such as ours.

I argue that our money would be better spent on improved shared pathways. Surely after several very serious recent bicycle accidents including one death, council's priority should be making the roads and pathways safer for the community?

Cycling is one of the best methods of enjoying the great outdoors and improving one's fitness. Better and safer cycleways would be an asset to both locals and visitors - especially children, and a great attraction for tourism.

INVESTMENT: Denis Pittorino believes that better and safer cycleways would be an asset to Port Stephens.

INVESTMENT: Denis Pittorino believes that better and safer cycleways would be an asset to Port Stephens.

A boardwalk through the Mambo Wetlands would avoid the dangerous duel with traffic along Foreshore Drive.

Completion of the walking track along Shoal Bay Road would also be a highly valued asset.

Denis Pittorino, Nelson Bay

Pride in community

Congratulations to the beautification volunteers of Nelson Bay precinct.

What a great, enthusiastic effort given by the  the various volunteer groups at the recent overhaul of the Nelson Bay CBD.

The town area has been enhanced with new plantings, some painting, and a general cleaning and spruce up.

It was a very productive and fun day for the hard working volunteers, with the full support of our mayor and council workers and the use of trucks, equipment and plants.

It is gratifying to to see this sort of of real community spirit.

What a pleasant contrast to the vicious sniping and whinging of some individuals who come to council meetings, contribute nothing positive, but revel in their own negative commentary.

Dominic Davidson, Corlette

MP harbours a good idea

The call for a Wickham Ferry Terminal and the enhancement of aquatic public transport in the Newcastle Harbour (The Newcastle Herald, Matt Carr, May 28), shows Mr Crakanthorp MP as a man of good vision. 

An upgraded Stockton Ferry will certainly help the development of both sides of the harbour, and the neighbouring towns like Fern Bay and Fullerton Cove in Port Stephens.

It is not too difficult to imagine that one day an upgraded public transport system like the light rail could connect Stockton Ferry to the Newcastle Airport in Williamtown.

Ernest To, Medowie

Benefits in movement

My wife Fay has Parkinson’s disease [PD] and we would like to thank the Tomaree Parkinson’s Support Group for organising the Parkinson’s exercise program at the Tomaree Community Centre each Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm to 4pm.

Exercise is so important and it has been a great help to Fay and the other PD people to gain the benefits this special exercise program provides.

Carers are also welcome to be involved although some carers use the opportunity to go shopping.

The instructor Chris, is able to attend to each person’s ability, so everyone has the chance to improve their wellbeing.

Exercise will slow the symptom progression.

The Support Group provides us with many benefits including PD information and education updates.

Guest speakers attend the monthly meetings and social events are held to enable us to have some relaxation and fun.

Without this support group, Fay and I would have had a more difficult time in living with Parkinson’s.

So if you have Parkinson’s, the sooner you begin exercising the better the long-term prognosis.

Bob Crampton, Soldiers Point