Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: June 28

Link to destroy habitat

Does anyone else see how ludicrous the situation is whereby Port Stephens councillors are running a campaign for the state government to designate the Fingal Link Road as a state road, when this road will be built through a National Park and one of the last remaining relatively undisturbed koala habitats on the Tomaree peninsula?

 These are the same councillors who rejoiced in the $3 million being given to the koala hospital and tourist centre. They also expect ratepayers to buy back a section of the Mambo wetlands to protect koalas?

 The ultimate irony is - the only koalas residents and tourists will see on the Tomaree Peninsula in the future  will be as casualties at the koala hospital after being maimed by motor vehicles on a new Fingal Link Road.

Jacqui Payne, Boat Harbour

Pick the winning side

Pick party Mr Mayor, then make sure you win the seat, and also make sure that party wins government.

Then, and only then will some semblance of ‘Council’s $404 Million Wish List’, (Examiner, June 21), reach fruition.

PROTECT THEM: Jacqui Payne is concerned a Fingal link road would be built through  National Park and relatively undisturbed koala habitat.

PROTECT THEM: Jacqui Payne is concerned a Fingal link road would be built through National Park and relatively undisturbed koala habitat.

Over many decades our council has kept alive the Nelson Bay bypass to Fingal Bay, spending over $100,000 waiting for either state or Federal funding.

Nelson Bay Road duplication will never be a reality in most of our lifetimes, and with the duplication of that “little bridge” over the start of Tilligerry Creek this will only blow out costs.

Nelson Bay Road was to be duplicated from the Medowie roundabout, Williamtown, behind Banksia Grove village, adjacent to the sand mines of Salt Ash, bypassing this little bridge, then straight up into the sand hills, also bypassing Paul’s Corner and the three service stations. From past experiences where Williamtown and Bobs Farm villages were split into and divided with the 1950s designs, I’m sure that the RMS won’t have any visionary skills for a new project that won’t cause any delays or inconveniences. We are now witnessing yet another “few crumbs” with roundabout treatments, although the Nelson Bay and Lemon Tree road roundabout is out of alignment with two lanes into four lanes, this roundabout needs to be realigned and include a slip-lane for south-bound Nelson Bay Road traffic, avoiding more traffic snarls. Mr Mayor, please adhere to this advice: “no new levies on ratepayers for shopping centres and stick to CPI increases only, as have past councils, or suffer the consequences.”

Brian Watson-Will, Corlette

Time to target trolleys

Now that we are paying for plastic bags, can the large supermarkets and stores please start charging for trolley use.  

The number of trolleys around the Bay area at the weekend was a disgrace, none of them were from Aldi though.

Lesley Mackintosh, Corlette

Budget funds just ‘crumbs’

Once again Port Stephens gets some crumbs from the state government.

While any upgrade to [Nelson Bay] road is appreciated, no thought has been given to the upgrade of the existing roads which have to absorb this additional traffic - particularly during holiday season when our population escalates. Can we please have representation from our local politicians, Labor or Liberal, to the Minister for Roads to escalate local road funding, especially the Fingal Bypass.

Gerry Mohan, Shoal Bay

Book fair success

Port Stephens Uniting Church in Salamander Bay would like to thank the community for its support at the recent Book Fair. 

There were many happy faces all around, browsing through books, DVDs, CDs and vinyl records over the two days. The church looks forward to another successful winter sale next year.

Julie McAllister, Port Stephens Uniting Church Salamander Bay