St Michael’s Primary School students perform in Disney Dance Spectacular

St Michael’s Primary School recently held a two-day Disney dance spectacular.

Under the direction of a specialist dance teacher, all classes from kindergarten to Year 6 focused on performing, composing and appreciating aspects of dance.

Following curriculum guidelines the students learnt that through dance they can communicate moods, feelings and ideas.

The spectacular started at beginning of Disney – from the first character, Mickey Mouse – and moved through to Pinocchio and Olaf from FrozenCars made a dramatic appearance. Woody from Toy Story and Dory and Nemo also made appearances. Of course, Dory could not remember her name and Bruce was reminded that fish are friends not food

The senior students moved into Pirates and Mary Poppins. The culmination was a 55 troupe dancing to Step in Time.

The school hall was full for both nights and with the costumes, music and lights both students and audience were bopping along through all dances.