Letters to the Examiner's editor: August 30, 2018

Club Staff to the rescue

In my 30-plus years of playing darts, I have never experienced a weekend like I did on August 18-19 at Tilligerry RSL.

Whilst the darts was as competitive as I expected they would be, it was what happened afterwards (on Saturday afternoon/evening) that has struck a chord with me.

I knew that there were fires around the area. It can happen anywhere. You see it on TV all the time. But when you're actually caught up in it, it really hits home what it’s all about. We were only staying a few kms up the road at the Big4 Koala Shores Holiday Park, but were told that we couldn’t go back to our cabins.

We had to stay where we were. It was then that I noticed the manager of the RSL and all of his staff jump into action. Blankets and pillows being handed out to those who wanted/needed it. Making sure everybody was alright. I was hugely impressed with their hospitality, consideration, and warmth, with which they handled the situation. I'm told the same thing happened at the nearby bowling club too.

Eventually, we were allowed back to our cabins in the early hours of Sunday morning, and darts went ahead later in the morning. The same faces who were serving (us dart players) our drinks, were taking care of us only a few short hours earlier. An absolute credit to themselves, their workplace, their community, and their families.

Eternally grateful, and cannot wait to return to this great establishment, and the staff that make it so, next year.

Mark Luckwell, Macquarie Fields

Call for cheaper petrol

When is someone going to do something about the price of petrol in Nelson Bay/Salamander Bay?

We are serviced by two service stations where the price for unleaded in recent months has been above other stations in the area. A couple of weeks ago I was in Beresfield and three service stations there were selling at below $1.30 per litre.

The stations at the airport are selling unleaded as low as below $1.40, while I have noticed that service stations at Bobs Farm and Anna Bay are regularly cheaper.

Robert Grant, Anna Bay

Cars off the road

The daily drive along Nelson Bay Road is a necessity to many workers who live out on the two peninsulas. Three times in one week I saw disruptive traffic near the intersection of Lemon Tree Passage Road.

On each occasion I saw cars run off the bitumen at the Oakvale Road roundabout as trucks enter the traffic flow. More to the point they don’t seem to even realise what they have done.

Michael Rouhan, Corlette

A precious experience

Last week a special thing happened and I hope to share this lovely event with readers. My son, just 20, went to Bunnings at Taylors Beach to buy some work boots.

They were over $50 and being on a younger person’s income meant he would have to work a couple of hours extra to earn that. A man behind him interrupted the transaction saying he would like to pay for my son’s boots. My son thanked the stranger for his kind offer but declined.

The man insisted and proceeded to pay for the boots. As a mother, I want to thank that man. He will never know how deeply his offer has touched us all. Whoever you are, may God bless you.

Joanne Horan, Anna Bay

Pothole repair

Many thanks to Port Stephens Council arranging the repair to a pothole in John Street, Lemon Tree Passage recently.

It was a pity, however, they didn't repair the other two potholes about six paces away. Also, a couple of paces away from the same pot hole is a drain pit that appears to be full of leaf matter. I think this should be attended to before we get more rain.

Graeme Tobin, Lemon Tree Passage