People and Events: Medowie Christian School plants trees, Busy B's raise money and Marine Rescue Port Stephens thanks sponsors

Medowie Christian School celebrated National Schools Tree Day last Thursday in partnership with Port Stephens Toyota who provided $200 for trees and bushes and also supplied shirts, gloves and stakes.

Clare from Port Stephens Toyota together with the students got their hands dirty and worked hard preparing the soil and planting. Prior to the planting students had learned about the importance of planting trees for the environment and planting Australian natives to provide habitats and food for wildlife.

Some students had never planted a plant before and were excited to have opportunity to get their hands dirty.

The ladies of the Busy B’s charity group thoroughly enjoyed the August meeting by celebrating their 30th year of fund-raising.  

August meetings are always special. The group’s patron, Margaret McNaughton, attends and takes along her piano accordion, entertaining members with a rousing sing-a-long and much toe-tapping. 

Each year Busy B members have donated teddy bears to the charity, to be distributed amongst the small patients. This year was no exception, but, for a change, also included the parents, donating loads of non-perishable food and toiletries to assist during their stay.

After the entertainment, members enjoyed pieces of a very large birthday cake. Between the 44 members present, more than $800 was raised. 

Marine Rescue Port Stephens on August 13 officially opened their new dock facility at Nelson Bay and thanked the many sponsors who made the project possible.

The Marine Rescue Port Stephens floating dock in Nelson Bay.

The Marine Rescue Port Stephens floating dock in Nelson Bay.

This dock is designed to assist crews to respond quicker to emergencies on the water and with the management and maintenance of the two rescue vessels.

Unit commander, Colin Foote, thanked all the sponsors for their very generous donations which made the project possible. 

The pontoon was constructed by Varley Group at Tomago. 

One of the patrons of Marine Rescue, Bob Baldwin, who is also employed by Varley, made the comment that the construction was to “military standards”. 

“This construction will serve the Port Stephens unit for many years to come,” Mr Foote said.

Mr Foote thanked Varley Group for producing a quality building far beyond the dreams of Marine Rescue.

Marine Rescue vessels were tasked 53 times to assist those in trouble on the water in the first six months of the year. 

Until now crews have been exposed to the elements to prepare for the rescue, during briefings and debriefings. For the first time foul weather gear can be stored at the boat dock ready for crew to use.

In 2015 crew members who were injured during a rescue were treated in the open on return to the dock.  

“This won’t happen in the future should the need arise,” Mr Foote said. “The completion of this project adds a further dimension to the professional response of the unit’s rescue boats.”

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