Spring, and lots of baby animals, has arrived at Oakvale Wildlife Park

Spring has arrived at Oakvale Wildlife Park.

The Salt Ash park is boasting an all new line-up of goats, koalas, sheep, pigs, ducklings, kangaroos, guinea pigs and calves.

Even the reptile population has expanded with the birth of  blue-tongued lizards.

Keepers have had their hands full with the amount of new mouths to feed – including about 10 one week old Anglo-Nubian, or long-eared, goats.

“Spring is always an exciting time here at Oakvale,” the wildlife park’s curator, Lachlan Gordon, said.

“We’ve had lots of births, which I think is a testament to the hard work put in to the captive breeding programs.”

The park’s new baby animals are in addition to the five dingo pups that were born at the park in July.

Mr Gordon said its dingo puppy encounters have been “very popular” since they were introduced mid-August.

One of Oakvale's four baby koalas. Picture: Ellie-Marie Watts

One of Oakvale's four baby koalas. Picture: Ellie-Marie Watts

It has been a wet start to spring, with the Port being rained on since the start of September. However, the Bureau of Meteorology predicts the dry conditions experienced throughout winter will continue into spring.

The rain has also fallen “well short” of what is required to break the drought, the BOM said in its spring outlook.

The BOM predicts spring days are likely to be warmer than average across Australia.

This follows on from what is likely to be among the five warmest winters on record in terms of maximum temperatures. Most of the country is likely to have warmer-than-average nights this spring.