Oakvale program helps tortoises

A Madagascan radiated tortoise. Picture: AAP/Angie Raphael
A Madagascan radiated tortoise. Picture: AAP/Angie Raphael

The Save Our Wildlife conservation program founded by Oakvale Wildlife Park last year has for the first time helped animals outside of Australia.

Save Our Wildlife funds, collated through donation made by visitors to the Salt Ash park and a portion of animal encounter fees, have been used to provide food, shelter and care for 17,000 critically endangered radiated tortoises that were confiscated and seized from traffickers in Madagascar in October.

Oakvale curator Lachlan Gordon said money had been donated to the Turtle Surveillance Alliance, which would in turn assist the tortoises.

“Save Our Wildlife was designed to be global,” he said. “This is the first project we really wanted to jump on and do our part.”

Mr Gordon thanked those who have donated to Save Our Wildlife, saying the contribution is “incredibly important”.

“Without the financial support of the community a lot of species would cease to exist,” he said.

Since September 2017, Oakvale has donated $9000 from Save Our Wildlife to various wildlife organisations.