Christmas gift with a thoughtful twist - adopt a Port Stephens koala

If you are seeking a thoughtful Christmas gift idea for a friend or family member, something that is a little out of the box and will help a cause, then take a look at what Port Stephens Koalas is offering.

The koala rescue and care group has 12 koalas available to adopt – virtually, not physically – for Christmas including a seven month old joey named Pablo.

Pablo is a healthy young male but due to his age must stay with his mum Joanie who is in the care of Port Stephens Koalas.

Joanie, who is also available to adopt, is blind and will likely remain in long-term care.

Pablo will stay with Joanie until he is ready to go out on his own. He will need her milk until he is around one year old.

Joanie went into care with Port Stephens Koalas after she was found with severe eye issues. She had a young joey in her pouch – Pablo.

Joanie is already mum to another young koala that is no stranger to Port Stephens Koalas – Picasso.

Pablo and Picasso are brothers.

The fee to adopt a koala is $50.

This donation is used by Port Stephens Koalas to pay for that particular koala’s rescue, treatment and care with a view to releasing them back into their own habitat where possible.

Port Stephens Koalas carers choose which of the creatures go up for adoption.

Once a suitable koala is selected for the adoption program a short bio is added to the Port Stephens Koalas website under the ‘adopt’ tab.

In return for the $50 adoption fee donation, the adopter will receive a personalised e-certificate with their name and the name and photo of the koala they have chosen to adopt.

To check out the koalas available to adopt go to

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