Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: January 31

Where is the pride

Having escaped to Australia 40 years ago and believing that this is the best country in the world it disappoints me to see how little the coffee shops in Nelson Bay support our special day.

On Friday, except for the patisserie shop, there were no lamingtons or pavlovas on sale, no flags flying and no windows promoting our national day.

We have embraced the downside of American culture maybe it is time to adopt one of their few virtues – patriotism.

Hopefully next year the coffee shops will not only stay open longer but support Australia Day stronger.

Marika Willock, Nelson Bay

Fingal bypass overdue

On Friday, January 11, a bus with children on board caught fire endangering passengers and local residents.

PRIDE: Marika Willock of Nelson Bay believes businesses should back Australia Day.

PRIDE: Marika Willock of Nelson Bay believes businesses should back Australia Day.

Just a reminder that a section of Government Road had to be closed creating traffic issues.

Luckily there was no major injuries to passengers or residents.

Put it down to good luck, or the professional and quick response from our emergency services.

For those people who don't live at Fingal or Shoal Bay, consider the people who do and the need for a bypass road in the event of an emergency.

Gerry Mohan, Shoal Bay

Back World Heritage bid

Congratulations and many thanks to the volunteers from the Marine Parks Association for standing strong in the face of the few usual ‘schoolboy bully’ [tactics] of fishermen full of ignorance, misinformation and loud voices who tried, and failed, to derail the excellent talk about World Heritage for our region.

Sadly, other fishermen are lumped in with these mouthy few, but I am sure the intelligent ones could see how better, long-term protection for the entire estuary will do more to protect their fishing spots than is currently occurring.

As a resident of the region I, for one, am very happy to support this process for World Heritage and thoroughly condemn those who selfishly ignore the future of all our grandchildren and their right to fish.

(Can’t catch ’em if they are no longer there because the environment is gone. It’s not rocket science.)

Marie Fitzgerald, Tanilba Bay

Heatwave a clear warning

Climate change is here.

It is melting our roads and buckling train tracks, changing our weather patterns and putting pressure on nature and agriculture.

The increase in heatwaves alone will literally kill more of us.

This recent heatwave sends a clear warning - our community must urgently mobilise for climate action and it needs political leaders who are up to the task.

The coming years are critical in the fight to protect the people we love and our planet from dangerous climate change.

The next NSW Government can either fiddle while the climate heats beyond our control, or they can transform our community, economy and natural world by phasing out coal and powering our world by 100 per cent renewable energy.

This transformation will bring with it great opportunities for new jobs and innovative technologies across the state.

Australia can transition away from being a quarry and lead the way on renewable innovation, exporting our science, know-how and clean solar power to the world.

NSW parliament needs some strong independent MPs like me to hold the major parties accountable on dealing with the climate emergency in NSW.

The task of phasing out fossil fuels is now critically urgent.

We cannot squib it.

Jeremy Buckingham, Independent NSW MP