The Swinging Sixties will make a revival at Soldiers Point Bowling Club in March

On February 7, 1964 The Beatles touched down at John F. Kennedy International Airport in the United States.

Thus began the “British invasion” and the kicked off what arguably became the most exciting era of music in the 20th century, according some.

Decades later, a group of musicians and dancers joined forces to keep the swinging 60s era alive.

The Swinging Sixties band has been recreating the sounds, fun and excitement of groups such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Monkees and The Easybeats, as well as divas such as Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield and Lulu on stages across Australia since 1987.

The group was extremely busy in its first decade, with many residencies in and around the Sydney pub and club circuit, including an eight year continuous Sunday residency at the iconic Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel.

Dressed in tailor made 60s suits with all the accoutrements and armed with Rickenbacker and Gretsch guitars and Vox amps to reproduce magic sounds, the entertaining and authentic group delivers nothing less than the sheer excitement that was prevalent at live shows of the era.

The Swinging Sixties Show is an entertaining non-stop 2.5 hour ‘auditorium spectacular’, according to organisers.

The Swinging Sixties Show will stop in at Soldiers Point Bowling Club on March 23. Tickets, which cost $25 per person, are on sale now through the club.