Port Stephens author Terry Domico's Tomaree library presentation on new prickly-pear cacti book

INVASIVE: Prickly-pear cacti.
INVASIVE: Prickly-pear cacti.

Australia's epic struggle with prickly-pear cacti will be the topic of a talk by Port Stephens author Terry Domico in Salamander Bay on Friday.

Mr Domico will be presenting a movie and an interesting talk on the subject of prickly-pear cacti, which he just published a book on, at Tomaree Library and Community Centre on March 15.

The presentation, which is free to attend, will run 4.30pm to 5.30pm.

Mr Domico said the event explores the "greatest plant invasion in human history" which is outlined in his new book, The Great Cactus War.

Researched over a five years, from eyewitness accounts to dusty outback museums, the book chronicles the introduction of the seemingly innocent cactus that nearly conquered Australia.

"Imagine a sea of prickly-pear cactus up to 30 feet high covering a region larger than Italy, spreading at an alarming million-plus acres a year," Mr Domico said. "How did rural Australia finally get on top of this beast and was it worth it?" 

Find out on Friday.