Federal Election 2019: Greens name Paterson candidate - Jan Davis

CANDIDATE: Green candidate for Paterson Jan Davis.

CANDIDATE: Green candidate for Paterson Jan Davis.

Jan Davis, from East Maitland and a member of the Greens since 1993, will contest the seat of Paterson at the May 18 federal election.

The seat is currently held by Labor's Meryl Swanson by a margin of 10.6 per cent. The Liberal Party candidate is Maitland's Sachin Joshi.

The retired health worker, who last stood for election as a Greens candidate in 1998, describes herself as an active environmentalist who is passionate about social justice and the protection of this area's precious heritage, both natural and built.

"We need strong protections in place to counter the inevitable threats that will come with climate change," said Ms Davis.

I'm running for election because we need the Greens progressive agenda at the front of voters' minds. I care about the world my family will inherit and act always to preserve the natural beauty and sustainability of our planet."

In Port Stephens, Ms Davis said that the Greens would continue to tireless work started by former Senator Lee Rhiannon first called for a parliamentary inquiry into the PFAS contamination in 2015 after visiting impacted families from Williamtown and Salt Ash.

"This is a nasty scene ... the Greens will continue to fight for those residents who are impacted whether that be their physical or mental health. The other worry is the impact the contamination is having on the housing market, no-one will want to buy their proprieties."

She was set to call for the inquiry in the senate on Wednesday, November 25 following a meeting with affected residents who travelled to Canberra to meet with politicians.

Ms Davis said that transport was another major issue in Port Stephens. "Newcastle airport urgently needs a rail connection to link with the Port and the wider Hunter area," she said

With the abolition of the Native Vegetation Act, land clearing has been ramped up to alarming levels, destroying massive swathes of our forests and coastal regions. Our iconic koalas are seriously threatened, as are our precious habitats, coastal waters and rural landscapes.

"Both the Mambo Wetlands and Tomaree headland development deserve a refocus on what is best for sustainable land use."

Ms Davis said that she would be visiting as many markets in Port Stephens as possible to talk with voters and listen to their issues.