Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: April 18

Timing is questionable

On the news since the announcement of the federal election, I have heard Scott Morrison promising much needed funding for mental health services for Indigenous and young people, plus announcing a $528 million royal commission into the abuse of the disabled.

My question is, why does this funding only become available at election time?

Surely, if these issues are such a huge concern they should have been addressed at any time in the past six years, not when our politicians are suddenly up for re-election. These issues have been around for a long time and concern all of us, but we have to wait for an election for someone to suddenly take an interest and promise much needed funding.

Sharon Day, Fingal Bay

Lifestyle comes at a price

When Port Stephens residents opposed the merger with Newcastle I supported it because of our casual lifestyle, our clean beaches, our pristine waterways and our abundance of sporting areas for all to enjoy.

To keep these amenities someone has to foot the bill. Unfortunately, the ratepayers if they want to enjoy these amenities we will have to endure a bit of financial hardship. The Mayor has youth on his side and I think Port Stephens' future is in good hands.

MOVING FORWARD: A light rail corridor to Newcastle Airport would alleviate traffic on Nelson Bay Road, according to Ernest To.

MOVING FORWARD: A light rail corridor to Newcastle Airport would alleviate traffic on Nelson Bay Road, according to Ernest To.

Gerry Mohan, Shoal Bay

Audio offers insight

Those wanting to get an insight into Bruce MacKenzie should ignore the knockers and listen to a 26 minute audio tape preserved by University of Newcastle.

In 1987 he told in his own words how he went from an impoverished childhood plucking ducks seven days a week to Shire President. For a fascinating insight into his life and times Google: 'Margaret Henry Oral History Archives' and scroll down to A6731 (15b).

Geoff Walker, Mallabula

Like Kate, loath Labor

George Anderson (Examiner, Letters, April 4) was spot on with regards to Kate Washington.

I believe Ms Washington is a hard working, honest politician genuinely interested in her electorate. Unfortunately I couldn't vote for her due to the overall policies of her party. Kate, please change teams. What a success you would be.

Howard Davies, Nelson Bay

Tram idea on right track

On Saturday, April 13, 2019, I had my first ride on the Newcastle Light Rail, which I nicknamed the 'Spanish Bull' because of its origin in Spain and was painted in bull fighting red.

My wife and I parked our car at Queens Wharf. We could have caught the ferry from Stockton, but decided not to because it was late in the afternoon. We then walked a short distance to the tram stop, which was a well designed community infrastructure, with the Opal pay stations at both ends of the low-rise platform.

The tram arrived in two minutes heading down to the Newcastle Interchange. Getting on the tram was easy except that was a small gap between the tram and the platform one had to be careful. It was standing room only. We were asked to hold on before the tram started with a jerk, and then moved off smoothly to the next stop. It continued on several stops until the Newcastle Interchange, where everyone had to get off.

The driver changed ends and prepared to head back to where it came from, Newcastle Beach. We got off, tapped our Opal cards, got on board and headed back to Queens Wharf.

On the way home in our car through the busy Nelson Bay Road, I couldn't stop thinking that would be excellent if we could have a light rail from Stockton Ferry to Newcastle Airport and took most of the vehicles going to and from the airport off the road.

Any enterprising politician would like to take that on board?

Ernest To, Medowie