Federal election 2019: Paterson candidates want your vote

CANDIDATES: From left: One Nation's Neil Turner, The Greens' Jan Davis, United Australia Party's Brian Burston and Australia Better Families' Jewell Drury.
CANDIDATES: From left: One Nation's Neil Turner, The Greens' Jan Davis, United Australia Party's Brian Burston and Australia Better Families' Jewell Drury.

Neil Turner - One Nation

One Nation candidate for Paterson Neil Turner has called on whichever government wins the election to do the right thing by affected residents and buyback PFAS contaminated properties in Williamtown and surrounds.

He has called for the restoration of federal funding to councils to at least the 1996 level of 1 per cent, from the current .55 per cent, of Commonwealth Taxation revenue. "This would removing the need for extra rate rises," Mr Turner said.

Neil Turner

Neil Turner

"Our party will push for the building of high efficiency, low emission coal fired power stations to reliably provide base load, low cost electricity to restore the 90 per cent fuel security policy.

"We also want to introduce an apprenticeship training scheme, have better future planning and building of necessary infrastructure, roads, rail and dams."

One Nation wants to restore education standards, keep Medicare, build more public hospitals with free public parking and instigate a royal commission into family law and child support.

Jan Davis - The Greens

Greens candidate and environmentalist Jan Davis is standing for social justice, the protection of this nation's precious heritage and the inevitable threats that will come with climate change.

"We need sustainable and climate proof transport options, the Hunter LinkRail proposal has great merit for freight and passenger movements using disused rail corridors in the Lower Hunter. The airport urgently needs a rail connection to link with Port Stephens and the wider Hunter area.

Jan Davis

Jan Davis

"Our iconic koalas are seriously threatened here in Paterson, the over development and poor planning impacts are immense and our precious fish and marine mammals are under threat from seismic testing in the exploration for gas, an outdated fossil fuel.

"Discrete issues in Port Stephens like the Mambo Wetlands and Tomaree headland development deserve a refocus on what is best for sustainable land use.

"The reinstatement of TAFE as well as implementing Medicare for dental health is part of the great Greens' vision."

Brian Burston - United Australia (Senate)

Identical twins Brian and Graham Burston have identical views on many of the major issues affecting Port Stephens residents for the upcoming federal election.

Senator Brian Burston, is the number one candidate for the United Australia Party in the Senate, while brother Graham Burston will contest the lower house for Clive Palmer's party.

Brian Burston

Brian Burston

The party has backed the Port Stephens residents living in the 'red zone' who have health concerns following the per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) which leaked onto their properties from the Williamtown RAAF Base.

"Our party has committed to implementing all recommendations of the Senate Inquiry into the Management of PFAS contamination in and around Defence bases and providing a funding pool for research into treatment of PFAS contaminated sites ($10 million over four years) as well as for remediation of sites ($50 million per annum)," Brian Burston said.

"We will also commit to the voluntary buyback/compensation scheme (fund) for eligible properties that have been contaminated with an initial fund amount of $250 million; a proper health review of the effects of PFAS on humans; and a PFAS compensation scheme, similar to the asbestos scheme."

Jewell Drury - Australian Better Families (Senate)

Jewell Drury, the NSW Senate candidate for Australian Better Families, has revealed that new recommendations from the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) would overhaul shared parenting laws introduced by the Howard government in 2006.

Jewell Drury

Jewell Drury

"The recommendation calls for the removal of the non-custodial parent rights access to their child and also giving no rights to decision making for their child after family separation," Ms Drury said.

"The ALRC has called for the scrapping of section 65DAA, which requires judges in certain cases to consider whether children should spend equal time, or substantial and significant time, with each parent.

"The current laws already make it difficult for fathers to have a relationship with their child or children, and this plan to repeal this section will deny fathers rights to have shared care."