Salamander Bay, Raymond Terrace fire stations open to the public on May 18

The Port's two fire stations will be open to the public on Saturday, giving the community a chance to meet firefighters, learn more about what they do each day and check out their trucks and fire-fighting equipment.

As part of Fire and Rescue NSW's annual open day, Salamander Bay firefighters will be cutting up a car throughout Saturday to showcase to the community how it carries out the 'rescue' part of its day-to-day operation.

"We've done this at a previous open day and it was a real hit," Salamander Bay Fire Station captain Malcolm Smith said. "People are just amazed at seeing some of the things we do. We don't just put out fires."

FRNSW firefighters attend home and bush fires, carry out cliff, vehicle and even animal rescues, provide natural disaster relief, medical treatment, Hazmat response and work closely with the community to prevent and educate on fire and emergencies.

Using hydraulic tools, Bay firefighters will demonstrate how they carefully cut up a car to rescue drivers and passengers involved in a vehicle crash.

This will be done about three times during the open day, which will run 10am to 2pm.

Both the Salamander Bay and Raymond Terrace fire stations will be open during this time on May 18.

In addition to demonstrations, children will be able to sit in the fire truck and use a fire-fighting hose.

There will be tours of each station and a chance for residents to talk with firefighters about concerns or learn how to better protect their homes from a fire.

FRNSW Commissioner Paul Baxter said the open day was a great time for firefighters to talk with residents about home fire safety in the lead up to winter.

"We see a 10 per cent increase in the number of home fires during the winter months, with more fires starting in bedrooms and lounge rooms due to things like heaters and electric blankets," he said.

"Come and meet the team that's prepared for anything on open day and learn how to keep your family safe from fire and other emergencies."

Visit Salamander Bay Fire Station on Salamander Way or Raymond Terrace Fire Station on Leisure Way.