Free rock painting at Shoal Bay Country Club

Hunting for rocks might not sound like a thrilling activity, but the modern day version of the hide and seek game has rapidly gained popularity right across the Hunter.

But it is not just the Hunter that has been swept up in the rock hunting craze, it's a global phenomenon that has children and adults all over the world getting outdoors to find painted rocks using clues posted to social media pages.

The hidden rocks are typically small, flat garden stones with a simple picture or a nice message painted on either side.

The rocks are hidden in a variety of places within communities, with photos posted to NSW Rocks Facebook pages so other parents can take their children to find the rocks, then re-hide them somewhere else.

On Saturday, July 13 there will be an opportunity for children to paint their own rocks at Shoal Bay Country Club.

The free activity will be held between 12pm and 2pm.

There is no need to boo. Just 'rock up' and get creative.

The rock painting is just one activity being held at the country club for children during the school holiday break.

There are free children's activities each day of the holidays between 12pm and 2pm.

Wednesday, July 10: Reptile Show

Thursday, July 11: Face Painting

Friday, July 12: Slime Workshop

Saturday, July 13: Rock Painting

Sunday, July 14: World of Magic

Monday, July 15: Sand Art

Tuesday, July 16: Kids Lucky Draw (prizes for all)

Wednesday, July 17: Face Painting

Thursday, July 18: Pony Rides and Petting Zoo

Friday, July 19: Reptile Show

Saturday, July 20: Plaster Painting

Sunday, July 21: Magic Show

There will also be a jumping castle, disco, projector games and other activities each day.