Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: July 18

Manta Ray all the way

I fully understand that many in our community will have differing views on the approved development at 1 Yacaaba Street, Nelson Bay (Manta gets go ahead, Examiner, July 11), I feel that this proposal has the potential to have a profound positive economic impact on Nelson Bay town centre and the Tomaree Peninsula.

STREET VIEW: The nine-storey development of the Manta Ray building in Nelson Bay CBD was approved at last week's council meeting.

STREET VIEW: The nine-storey development of the Manta Ray building in Nelson Bay CBD was approved at last week's council meeting.

For the past 10 to 15 years we have had negative sentiment on potential developments in Nelson Bay which accordingly has impacted on investor confidence, culminating in the only significant developments being Woolworths and the upgrade of the Seabreeze Hotel.

I believe Nelson Bay deserves better than this.

In fact Nelson Bay has been identified as a Strategic Centre in the Hunter Regional Plan based on its tourism potential.

While I personally would have preferred a more tourism-style development such as serviced apartments, a hotel or conference centre or resort, we should be thankful that there is an investor who has been willing to commit to this multi-million dollar project which will bring residents into the CBD and provide business and employment opportunities for local people.

Nelson Bay needs to be rejuvenated and this development will make a very positive contribution. I believe the building has an appealing facade and also has an active street frontage.

In fact, off the back of the huge investment that will be taking place on the Defence precinct at Williamtown over the next few years [which will generate massive jobs growth] it will realise huge opportunities particularly for young professionals who will be seeking accommodation.

The [Manta Ray] development has the potential to meet some of this demand and provide a positive impact on our economy.

It is reassuring for our future that an investor is willing to make this level of commitment which has the potential to also bring back positive sentiment towards the future of Nelson Bay.

Congratulations to Port Stephens Council for approving this development which hopefully will be the catalyst for attracting further investment in Nelson Bay.

Peter Clough, Nelson Bay

Time for intervention

Congratulations to Premier Gladys Berejiklian on her public admission that "We allowed the industry (building industry) to self regulate and it hasn't worked" (Building industry is failing: Premier, SMH, July 11).

Has anyone really enjoyed the testing process or the monitoring process such as a performance review?

The relentless push towards small government and deregulation is now producing the unfortunate results that were predicted by the silent majority.

The results of the recent Royal Commissions, electricity and gas price investigations as well as abuse of the water usage contracts are clearly identifying problems with the regulations systems that are now in place at the State and Federal levels.

Of course, it would be a preference that all workers and executives across industries worked at a high professional level. Reality is something different.

Within the building industry the important roles of council inspectors created a standard that was monitored and enforced. Building inspectors were moved regularly to stop corruption and rule bending.

With our Premier's new found admission I look forward to the processes that will now be put in place to bring back stronger processes of regulation and the subsequent growth in our government monitoring processes.

Perhaps this could be her presentation topic at the next Liberal Party conference with a plan to help all those who have purchased a property that has been found faulty?

Robert Mulas, Corlette