Something Fishy | Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park meeting a "complete fizzer!"

DISSAPOINTING: Marine Park "box ticking" exercise proves to be a great waste of time for many who attended a stakeholder meeting last week. Photo supplied.

Leading into the March State elections, responding to local concern, the current NSW Government announced that a review into the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park would be a priority.

An "immediate response" to years of inaction was promised. As a result, a meeting was held last week to inform and involve stakeholders in the decision-making process.

To put it simply - the gathering conducted by the Department of Primary Industries was a total and complete fizzer! "Very frustrating", "disappointing", "nonsense", "kindergarten stuff".

These were some of the responses from those who attended. Some of whom suggested that they will no longer take part in such a waste of time.

"I am not forfeiting a day at work to hear bureaucratic waffle designed to tick a square".

The promise by the Government has not been delivered. The bureaucrats who were entrusted to conduct the meeting were not even able to announce when the Marine Park Advisory Committee will be appointed.

For a balanced report I would ask that anyone, who attended the meeting, who walked away with a positive response, to please email me in the next couple of days and I will print your opinion in a later article.

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