Garlic festival will be held at Shepherds Ground, Butterwick on November 10

A garlic festival is being held this Sunday, November 10, at Shepherds Ground located on Green Wattle Creek Road at Butterwick.

Spokesperson Sally Maguire said that the day of garlic festivities will commence from 10am.

"Young, aspiring market gardener and Shepherds Ground member, Marco Forman, has just pulled his first crop of commercial, biodynamic garlic," she said.

"The public are welcome to come and stock up on fresh (not yet cured) organic garlic straight out of the earth and learn about hanging and curing your own and make some beautiful ornaments for the festive season ahead."

Ms Maguire said that they would be teaching plaiting on the day for those who want to hang about and make their own plaits to take away.

"This is great fun for kids too, small plaits, big plaits, colourful plaits and individually styled plaits," she sad.

"Marco is proposing a special section of 'garlic plaiting for blokes' so, if you are feeling blokey and want to be amongst other blokes getting the plaits right, then this is the slot for you."