Workshop, night tour to learn how to spot differences between cane toads and native frogs

A cane toad
A cane toad

Learning to spot the difference between native frogs and cane toads will be one of the topics covered in a night workshop and walk in Salamander Bay next weekend.

Following the capture of a cane toad in Salamander Bay in January and reports of sightings in Soldiers Point, Hunter Local Land Services and Port Stephens Council will host an educational workshop and spotlight tour at Sandpiper Reserve on Saturday, February 22.

"After the recent capture of a cane toad near by, we want you to help us in monitoring the local area for cane toads," Hunter Local Land Services said.

The workshop will begin at 6.30pm, to be followed by the guided guided spotlight tour of Sandpiper Reserve. The event will kick off with a free barbecue at 6pm.

The workshop will include presentations from AMBS Ecology and Heritage experts. AMBS Ecology and Heritage is a specialist consultancy providing expert advice and services in Aboriginal and historic heritage and archaeology, and flora and fauna ecology.

Topics to be covered include how to tell the difference between native frogs and cane toads, the ecology of cane toads versus native frogs, how to safely and humanely handle cane toads and how to report a suspected cane toad.

The event is free but registrations are necessary. Click here to register.

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