Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: March 26

DO WHAT YOU CAN: Port residents are being urged to support local businesses.
DO WHAT YOU CAN: Port residents are being urged to support local businesses.

Time to fill the gap

Our local economy is currently going through unprecedented times, putting at risk the future of many businesses and local jobs.

We have many small 'mum and dad' businesses who employ local people providing much-needed services or products to our community.

This is an opportunity to support them in time of need.

Accordingly, it's a perfect time as individuals to step up and support them and local jobs.

The Port Stephens economy has a high dependency on tourism which because of COVID-19 has temporarily dried up.

There are around 70,000 residents in Port Stephens who have the opportunity to now step up to 'fill the gap', so let's do it.

You might ask what we can do. For example, I know of two local friend groups who have been supporting local restaurants by 'restaurant hopping' each week, albeit this will now be restricted because of changed Federal Government regulations.

However, we can still purchase takeaway. If you can afford to, I encourage you as a local resident to demonstrate your support.

Each week you could just go out and buy flowers or takeaway meals and beverages or maybe get your hair done, buy a gift or a new outfit. Small businesses are such an integral part of our community.

Peter Clough, Fingal Bay

Reminder to shop local

A timely reminder for us all to shop local where we can and support local retailers and small businesses who are doing it tough.

Putting locals first is a great way to support jobs and help our region through the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Let's assist local businesses to stay in business. Australia will pass this test and emerge stronger on the other side.

Brooke Vitnell, Medowie

Get through this together

We are now facing the greatest crisis since the depression and both world wars.

The largest number of Australians have never faced such a crisis although a majority of residents in the Port Stephens who are retired will see their life savings deteriorate.

But we are Australians we care for each other we have a great health system, we will get over these hurdles as long as we can work together, help each other and look after the elderly, disabled and those less fortunate.

Gerry Mohan, Shoal Bay

Ode to corona

It was just a couple of weeks ago,

I turned on the TV to see,

a "breaking news headline", So I watched and also listened,

As they broadcasted live on the ABC.

There stood Scott Morrison,

Who not long ago was critiqued,

As fires ravaged the country, "UnAustralian" were his actions,

Which was the the general collective belief.

But contradiction is thriving,

Among a hypocritical nation,

Weeks after the PM, was hated wherever he went,

constantly subjected to this degradation.

And now we see people hoarding,

Or "panic buying" as it's phrased.

Buying enough to get by, Many times many tried,

It appears that gone are those days.

It is evident no matter how many times,

We have read or we have heard,

Not to be "UnAustralian", But on deaf ears does this fall,

For the selfish and blatantly absurd.

So now pot meet kettle,

The audacious who chill me to the bone,

For those whose actions amiss, I'll leave you with this,

A quote that's not my own.

Deepak Chopra sums up how many feel,

Sadly relevant, by what's been shown.

"Most people talk about fear of the unknown,

but if there is anything to fear, it is the known".

Dean Sutherland, Anna Bay