Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: April 30

PRECUATION: Thomas Matthews of Soldiers Point believes everyone should wear face masks and gloves to help halt the spread of Covid-19.
PRECUATION: Thomas Matthews of Soldiers Point believes everyone should wear face masks and gloves to help halt the spread of Covid-19.

Hospital would cut travel

I do not disagree with Peter Clough (Opinion, Examiner, April 16) to shop in Port Stephens, so long as businesses and services are locally available and accessible.

Late last year, my wife and I had to drive to the busy East Maitland shopping centre, twice, to see an eye doctor, who then put me on a waiting list for a day surgery in Kurri Kurri. We wanted to shop and lunch in East Maitland while there.

In another incident early this year, I had a fever, high temperature and sore muscles, so I went to see the local doctor, who took one look at me and called for an ambulance.

After 40 minutes or so, I was loaded onto the back of the ambulance and driven on a bumpy ride through Williamtown, Stockton, Tourle Bridge, and some congested streets in Newcastle to the emergency department of the hospital.

To make the long story short, I had some intense treatment and care by the good doctors and nursing staff and was allowed to go home after five days. My wife and I wanted to shop Newcastle before the long drive home.

With increasing populations, both in number and age, lots of us will have to take bumpy rides outside the Port for care and services, and I hope we'll all make it there and back.

Perhaps our local business chambers should join forces with our local politicians to promote a local and central hospital, say, in Salt Ash.

Ernest To, Medowie

How do we stop speeding

After numerous phone calls to Nelson Bay police, Port Stephens Council; emails to my local Member of Parliament and the RMS, speeding is still happening on Spinnaker Way, Corlette.

No one wants to take responsibility for this and it is just a matter of time before a serious accident or worse happens. Can someone tell me who is responsible for speeding on local streets?

Richard Burgess, Corlette

Gestures of support

We, the staff at TerryWhite Chemmart Nelson Bay, would like to thank all of the generous locals who have donated a free coffee to essential workers in the area. It is very much appreciated.

We are doing the best we can in this situation and it is great to be recognised by the people of Port Stephens for our efforts. We are all in this together and we will get through it.

Scott Elsegood, Pharmacist/Owner, TerryWhite Chemmart Nelson Bay

Everyone must sacrifice

I recently went to a pathology business in Salamander Bay, where I was first cab off the rank (as the saying goes).

When I came out there were two couples waiting to go in. No Gloves, no face masks. I felt very disappointed that I went to the trouble of wearing my face mask and gloves, not only to protect myself but also strangers in the area.

I wandered over to Coles and I could not believe the amount of people who seemingly could not care less about safety issues with this Covid-19 pandemic. Coles management did the right thing by sterilising their trolleys etc.

I went to Woollies a couple of days later and it was the same thing there. The sooner people realise that you must make a few sacrifices to defeat this pandemic the sooner we can get back to our normal lives.

Thomas Matthews, Soldiers Point

Honesty appreciated

I recently lost my mobile phone around lunch time at the Salamander Bay Shopping Centre. It was apparently found by a mother and her son and returned that afternoon by the father to my home.

I had always believed that our community was generous and caring and this display of consideration and honesty reaffirms that belief.

I sincerely hope that you read this as a thank you from myself. Please give yourselves a huge pat on the back because it's thoroughly deserved.

Dennis McCann, Shoal Bay