Coco's happy sign has Anna Bay smiling

A project that asked Anna Bay kindergarten students to create a sign that made them happy has brought smiles to the wider community.

Anna Bay Public School and the Gan Gan Family Centre set the happy sign project for the young students, asking them to make a sign by writing a message about what makes them happy or draw a picture about happiness.

Coco Buchanan, 5, had already filled the windows of her Anna Bay home with happy signs with help from younger brother Koa, 3.

So, she decided to spread the happiness to her community.

"Coco and her younger brother Koa painted pictures at the beginning of the pandemic when we were first isolated at home to make both us and other people walking by smile," Monica Buchanan, Coco and Koa's mother, said.

"We wanted to brighten up someone's day in this uncertain time.

"Coco decided she wanted to put [a sign] at our local Anna Bay Pharmacy. Coco thought that it would make people smile when they came to the pharmacy.

"We asked [pharmacy partner Steve Kennedy] and he said he would be happy to display the sign in the window."

Coco currently creating more signs which she hopes to show in more shop windows around Anna Bay.