Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: May 14

MAKE IT HERE: Gerry Mohan of Shoal Bay would like to see an increase in domestic manufacturing.
MAKE IT HERE: Gerry Mohan of Shoal Bay would like to see an increase in domestic manufacturing.

Disappointing upgrade

After being closed for sometime, I expect most residents who frequently use the Mambo Wetlands section of Foreshore Drive were sorely disappointed once it reopened.

More speed bumps and a poorly surfaced small section of the road.

The dangerous narrow section over the culvert remains and still a pothole ridden piece of road that now adds further wear and tear on vehicles.

Well done Port Stephens Council for the lengthy inconvenience.

Save some of our local taxes and get the job done properly.

David Lonie, Corlette

Erosion of right to know

While I sympathise with publishers about the loss of vital income that will negatively impact regional and local newspapers, the big concern for me is the erosion of transparency and the convenience of referring to a single page in the local rag to get an idea of what developers and Port Stephens Council are up to.

From now on I will have to wade through dense, and far from transparent material, on the council website to find what is of interest to me.

That is a serious erosion of my right to know and an invitation to any shonky developers and slack planners to get developments approved without due scrutiny.

Cherylle Stone, Soldiers Point

Ignoring ratepayer wishes

While the State Governments changes to the Local Government Communication Regulations allowing councils to move away from printed media for public notices is another nail in the coffin of government transparency, the choice to do so sits squarely with individual councils.

The move by the Port Stephens Council to do so, especially without public consultation, does not surprise me in the least.

To use COVID-19 as the reason for the move is simply absurd.

How does removing community information from the print media, a media which is still vitally important to many in today's society, allow the council to be better placed to respond to COVID-19?

It wasn't that long ago that the Mayor made passionate pleas relating to the importance of supporting our local economy and pledged to make this a priority during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Yet at the first opportunity to put OUR money where their mouth is, they choose not to.

This council continually ignores the communities sentiments, feedback and position on anything which is contrary to or questions their personal opinions and agendas.

Building heights, rates variations and now transparency, what will be next?

The 'good' news is, we have an extra 12 months of this council's elected officials to surprise us.

Bill Doran, Tanilba Bay

No escape from noise

Thumbs down to Williamtown RAAF Base for using Salt Ash Weapons Range when people are in lockdown and not allowed to get away from noise pollution.

Stay at home, like we have to.

Terry Godfrey, Salt Ash

Make it in Australia

The Morrison Government along with future federal and State governments of both political parties should now consider the importance of having a strong, well-supported manufacturing industry.

We have the expertise, labour and a well-based trade union movement which in the past, have served this country well.

Working together we can once again become a strong manufacturing nation.

We no longer need to depend on products manufactured by workers operating under third-world conditions.

Gerry Mohan, Shoal Bay