Medowie family go all out for Adam Gill's 50th birthday - isolation style

The Gill family from Medowie are big on marking milestones and were not about to let a 50th birthday pass by in silence, even in lockdown.

Getting creative and adapting to the coronavirus conditions, Jodie Gill organised a surprise treat for her husband Adam who turned 50 on May 11 - a special drive-by of their Coachwood Drive home by friends and family.

"Birthdays are important in the Gill family - a milestone even more so. COVID-19 was not going to stop us celebrating. We just had to get creative about how to do it," Mrs Gill said.

"A drive-by is not your usual way to party. I wasn't sure whether it would be end up a success or failure. The result was a resounding success. There was lots of laughter, well wishes and connecting with familiar faces. Much fun was had by both those parading and those watching."

Mrs Gill said she was inspired by a video of a celebratory drive-by that she had seen on Facebook. She ran the idea by relatives to gauge their interest in doing something similar for her husband. Many were enthusiastic about the idea.

Mrs Gill created a Facebook event and invited people from her husband's past and present to parade in his honour at 4pm on Monday, May 11 - Mr Gill's actual birthday.

Standing in his driveway on the day wearing a distinctive shirt announcing him as the birthday boy, Mr Gill watched and laughed as 22 cars, most decorated for the occasion, with friends and family including 97-year-old great-grandmother drove past to wish him a happy birthday.

"It was amazing. Well done everyone. I loved it," Mr Gill said.

Mrs Gill added: "I think this birthday celebration in COVID-19 conditions will prove more memorable than if it were at any other time. It was a triumph in teamwork."

Mrs Gill organised a schedule and rules to ensure the drive-by was safe and adhering to social distancing rules.

The vehicles proceeded slowly down the usually quiet cul-de-sac, paused in front of the birthday boy, then moved on.

On the second lap, Mr Gill with the help of his children - Hayley, Jonathan and Ethan - handed out boxes of cupcakes and pizza to paraders.

Mrs Gill spent most of Mother's Day the day before decorating 240 cupcakes to hand out to the paraders.

The Gills, who ensured their neighbours were notified before the isolation-style celebration, decorated their own cars with balloons and a 'honk it's my 50th birthday' sign.

There was also a prize for best parade entrant, which was judged by the birthday boy.