$3.25m funding for five notorious Port Stephens road black spots

Five Port Stephens roads notorious for crashes will receive a $3.25 million federal government-funded upgrade.

Following the news this week that a section of Duns Creek Road had been allocated $625,000 under the 2020-21 Roads Black Spot Program, four more Port Stephens roads have been earmarked for upgrades.

Safety upgrades will also be carried out on Grahamstown Road at Medowie, Lemon Tree Passage Road at Salt Ash, Soldiers Point Road at Salamander Bay and Gan Gan Road at Anna Bay.

The projects were selected due to the number and nature of crashes recorded at each site.

Works on Grahamstown Road, Lemon Tree Passage Road and Soldiers Point Road will take place in the 2020-2021 financial year.

Upgrades to Duns Creek Road and Gan Gan Road is due to take place in the 2021-2022 financial year. These projects have been funded over two years to allow for longer design, environmental and community feedback.

Project information:

  • Grahamstown Road, Medowie (sailing club to Wade Close intersection): project will include super elevation, sealed shoulder, wide painted profile centre line, new advisory speed signs and edge line.
  • Duns Creek Road, Duns Creek (Wallaby Close): project will include new sealing, super elevation and shoulders, guardrail, signage, guideposts and line marking.
  • Lemon Tree Passage Road, Salt Ash (Michael Drive area): project will include wide painted centre median, improved sealed shoulder on curve, guardrail, signage and improved street lighting at intersection.
  • Soldiers Point Road, Salamander Bay (George Road intersections): project will include improved sealed shoulder, street lighting upgrade, curve signage, additional kerb blisters and line marking
  • Gan Gan Road, Anna Bay (Campbell Avenue, Anna Bay CBD): project will include installing raised safety platform/intersection incorporating new pedestrian crossings, lighting, pedestrian fencing on kerb and installing stop signs at intersection.

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