100 years old but there's no slowing Ferodale's Edith Davey down

Edith Davey may be 100 years old but there is absolutely no slowing her down.

Just last year Mrs Davey broke a vertebrae in her back but insisted, wearing a neck brace and a smile, on returning home the next day. She was out of the hospital in no time and has made a full recovery.

The centenarian still motors around her family's Ferodale property in a buggy, sweeps the patios around the house and is no stranger to enjoying smoko while sitting on the back of a slasher.

"If I sat down I'd grow old," the quick-witted and humorous Mrs Davey told the Examiner. "I'm thoroughly enjoying every minute of my life."

Mrs Davey was born in her family home in Cairns, Queensland on November 14, 1920. It was in Cairns that she met her future husband, Lance Davey.

Mr Davey, originally from Tea Gardens and the Newcastle area, had enlisted in the infantry to serve during WWII. He was in Cairns for training when he met Edith at a dance hall.

Edith Davey as a child. Picture: Supplied

Edith Davey as a child. Picture: Supplied

When Mr Davey returned from serving overseas, the pair were married in St Monica's Cathedral in Cairns on January 27, 1947.

Soon after, the Daveys began their family, welcoming twins Patrick and Ann in 1948.

During the next 13 years Mr and Mrs Davey added to their family and welcomed John, Gregory, Michael, Margaret (deceased), twins Richard and Stephen (who died as a baby), Christopher, Brian and Peter.

"I didn't have a big family growing up," Mrs Davey said. "I think that's why I always wanted a big family."

And a big family she has including 23 grandchildren and "too many to count" great-grandchildren and now great-great-grandchildren.

"When we're all together and you see just how many there are in our family, it's amazing to think that it started with just two people," said Mrs Davey's eldest daughter, Ann, who lives in Williamtown.

Mr and Mrs Davey raised their children in Cairns but in 1969 decided to make the move back to NSW and settled in Wallsend.

Mr Davey died in 1997, aged 78, from a heart attack.

Mrs Davey lived in Wallsend up until eight years ago when she moved in with son Brian and his wife Margaret, who cares for her mother-in-law full time, in Ferodale.

Just one of the many parties Edith Davey enjoyed last week in celebration of her 100th birthday. Picture: Supplied

Just one of the many parties Edith Davey enjoyed last week in celebration of her 100th birthday. Picture: Supplied

"She hates being left behind," Margaret said. "She's always keen to come and have fun with us. She's a very active person."

Mrs Davey said she believed staying so active was key to her long and healthy life.

To celebrate her 100th birthday, Mrs Davey enjoyed a rolling tour of birthday parties.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings, Mrs Davey was treated to a series of parties with her friends and family, including those who traveled from Queensland to NSW like eldest son Patrick and his wife, Lyn.

"It was wonderful," Mrs Davey said of the celebrations.