Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: November 19

M1 extension needs priority

CONGESTION: Southbound Easter holiday traffic backed up from Hexham to Heatherbrae on the Pacific Highway.

CONGESTION: Southbound Easter holiday traffic backed up from Hexham to Heatherbrae on the Pacific Highway.

Having commuted to Sydney weekly during most of 2019, I am appalled by the political hot potato that is the missing Raymond Terrace link from the M1 (Examiner, Changes to motorway design, November 12, 2020).

The efficiency of multiple millions of dollars being spent on the A1 up the eastern coast of NSW, as well as the upgrades to the M1 towards Sydney completed last year, are hampered by the non-completion of this section of the road.

Blind Freddy can see the difficulties over holiday periods with long lines of traffic that gather to do the suburban and bridge dog-leg in both directions.

However, my use of this current link has seen hold-ups in the normal weekly drive through the area. With all the call for infrastructure projects and finally a view that regions need to be stimulated as well as large cities, I am confused as to why this is not a lead project.

Congratulations to Meryl Swanson and Kate Washington for trying, but I fear that unless you are in a Liberal electorate or in charge of the grants scheme you don't stand a fair chance in infrastructure development to solve actual problems.

Perhaps a live camera feed to the Prime Minister, Treasurer and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Mr McCormack, during the holiday periods could show them the difficulties experienced by holiday-makers (and also locals).

Robert Mulas, Corlette

Speed reduction a quick fix

There has been a lot of comment recently on social media platforms regarding the intersections of Nelson Bay Road with both Galoola Drive and Tallean Road being unsafe during periods of high traffic.

Until we get a Fingal Bay link road from the Gan Gan Road intersection it will continue to be a problem particularly with the 60km/h speed limit that exists on the Nelson Bay side of the crest.

If that was reduced to 50km/h feel it would enable a far more safer interaction with these two side roads.

Even our local councillors should be able to see this.

Peter Sherriff, Nelson Bay

Why not work with what we've got

In regard to the proposed Tomaree Coastal Walk, an improved walk would be an asset to the Port but with restraint.

With upkeep and enhancement, existing tracks already provide access to the bushland.

I regularly walk from Tomaree Headland to Fingal along them. It's great.

I have seen orchid species which are rare and geographically restricted to this habitat.

A sea facing track construction will impact them.

Improvements to current tracks can allow wheelchair and pram access at some key sites.

I love the surprise that is revealed as a track opens out at lookout points, it's like opening a present. Why spoil this when you can still have it with the existing infrastructures?

Improve, update but don't ruin the thing we've come to experience.

Please no Disney-like theme park facilities - just look locally [Tompteeland and Leyland Brothers World theme park] to see some failed developments.

Potentially both a financial and environmental scar will be left behind.

I feel dismayed that we can't trust those who have the power to make such decisions.

A recent example is of the so-called 'Minister for the Environment' who favoured rocks over Koalas.

If even a charismatic species so under threat is overlooked; imaging those tiny, unknown species that will be impacted by seaside track constructions.

The knock-on effect may come back to affect us.

Anne-Maree Hunter, Shoal Bay