Something Fishy: Port Stephens is a fishing wonderland

HAPPY: Young Hayden Ballard, aged 5, with his first fish. Now he is hooked.

HAPPY: Young Hayden Ballard, aged 5, with his first fish. Now he is hooked.

The beaches are not the only spots to catch whiting around Port Stephens.

Have a look at this cracker.

Dangling a line over the side of his grandfather's yacht moored off Soldiers Point, young 5-year-old Hayden Ballard was nearly pulled over the side by this monster whiting.

Using a prawn for bait the rod bowed into a semi-circle and the little reel screamed under the strain.

When the fish finally came to the surface the next problem was to winch it out of the water, up onto the deck of the yacht.

More grinding and groaning until the fish was flapping onboard.

What an effort. Go Hayden.

There is no doubt that the waters of the port provide spectacular fishing opportunities for all ages.

Having a boat enables you and your crew to experience the great expanse from the upper reaches of Tilligerry Creek and the Karuah River to the mighty lake system known as the Myalls.

Whiting, flathead, bream, crabs, mulloway, luderick. You name it we've got it.

I have heard that the snapper are out of control off the Outer Light on sunrise.

Fish in close with a floating bait or toss a plastic, then - Hang on!

Drop in to the Port Stephens Artisan Collective at d'Albora Marina and check out their month of January display which is focused on the theme "Something Fishy".

Join me at 2pm on the waterfront on Saturday, January 23 for a presentation on how to write a book and catch a fish.

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