Letters to the Editor: January 28

SUMMER BOIL: Dogs on Bagnalls Beach (pictured) and jet skis zipping around the Bay's waterways are hot letter topics this week.
SUMMER BOIL: Dogs on Bagnalls Beach (pictured) and jet skis zipping around the Bay's waterways are hot letter topics this week.

Impact of dogs, jet skis on beaches

I wish to support the astute observations of William Knott (Examiner, Letters, January 21) concerning the behaviour of jet ski riders and off-leash dog owners.

The ability of jet ski riders to speed irresponsibly across Port Stephens waters with apparent impunity has to be a concern to residents and visitors alike.

Not only does this sort of conduct pose a significant safety risk, it is clearly having a detrimental impact on sensitive marine ecosystems.

Regrettably, even measures the council has taken to minimise these hazards like the summer season barriers placed across the vehicle access point to the beach at Fingal Bay, have proved ineffective.

Jet skiers simply race across Fingal Spit at high tide and then into the formerly tranquil bay.

Similarly, the failure of a number of off-leash dog owners to properly control their pets is spoiling the experience of other beach users while causing significant damage to sensitive seagrass beds at Bagnalls Beach.

Timely intervention by the responsible authorities is imperative if increasing negative outcomes are to be avoided.

Rod Stowe, Fingal Bay

Little patience for jet skis 

The recent letters regarding the presence and dangers of jet skis in our waterways is of great and growing concern.

Forty jet skis were counted at Little Beach on one day recently.

Every year we see an increase in numbers, but this year it has exploded.

No doubt this has resulted from Sydney Harbour and Brisbane Waters banning them.

Do we really want our waterways to be the mecca for jet skis in this state?

From any elevated point they can be seen and heard crisscrossing the bay from all directions - racing, doing multiple donuts, leaping over wakes.

Our Bay is part of a Marine Park where people are fined for fishing in closed zones yet these jet skis, whose exhausts blast into the underwater, threatening and scaring our marine life, including our famous dolphin pods, apparently can go anywhere with no care for these creatures or the environment.

It's time for our council to get to grips with this rapidly escalating problem and follow the lead of Sydney and Gosford.

Joy Faulkner, Nelson Bay

Shop closure leaves a gap

So lady residents, where are we going to buy our bras when Target closes?

No, don't say online. It's too tricky getting size and shape right and paying for return postage to exchange.

Does that leave only K-mart (plastic ugly things)?

Why is Port Stephens being relegated to a hick town devoid of the finer things in life?

When I first moved here 15 years ago, there were two real bakeries, high-end fashion and shoe stores, great cafes that opened later than 8.30pm and wonderful fresh produce to be had.

Other small country towns seem to be reinventing themselves as foodie and fashion destinations, why not Nelson Bay?

Diana Souter, Corlette

Kindness of strangers 

I wish to thank Steve, the Raymond Terrace Caltex manager, who arranged for Tony, his apprentice, to drive me home to Karuah after missing the 5.05pm bus last week.

I'd explained the stressful afternoon I'd had and need to return home quickly and he didn't hesitate to help though I was a total stranger.

Steve wouldn't accept payment so I wish to publicly thank them both for their unexpected and amazing assistance.

Julie Hughes, Karuah