Letters to the Editor: February 4

NOISY: "Rather than banning jet skis in Port Stephens... why not identify an area in which jet skis can be used without speed or activity restrictions?" Grant Kennett asks.

Need for a Jet ski zone?

Recent letters to the Examiner clearly show that the use of jet skis in Port Stephens is seen by many residents as dangerous, inconvenient and noisy. But the users of jet skis could argue that they provide significant income for the Port's tourism industry by renting accommodation and generally spending money in the area.

So, rather than banning jet skis in Port Stephens and forgoing the tourism income they generate, why not identify an area in which jet skis can be used without speed or activity restrictions? I've found one, it's called the Pacific Ocean. However, within Port Stephens, jet skis could be restricted to a speed of 15 knots (which is equivalent to a fast running speed). If the skis were launched at Little Beach or Shoal Bay ramps it wouldn't take long to get to the Heads, log on with Marine Rescue and then go for it.

Residents of the Bay, and marine life in Port Stephens, wouldn't then have to put up with the noise and dangers of the jet skis, businesses wouldn't lose the income they generate, and the jet ski riders could knock themselves out in the Pacific Ocean (either figuratively or literally, their choice).

Yes, this proposal is simplistic and would need to be refined, but even so, does Port Stephens Council, or the Berejiklian Government, have the courage or political will to restrict the use of jet skis in Port Stephens?

Grant Kennett, Corlette

Dogs not causing damage

It seems like some people have a problem with dog owners exercising their dogs on Bagnalls Beach. We guess these people don't understand the pleasure of owning dogs and watching them running, swimming and loving their daily hour of freedom.

Considering this is the only beach in Port Stephens where dogs can be exercised off-leash without time restrictions, we respectively suggest these people visit one of the other beautiful dog-free beaches in Port Stephens, making it a 'win-win' situation for all.

In regards to the comments about damaging seagrass (Examiner, Letters, January 21 and 28), you will probably find that the grazing black swans are the culprits, not our furry friends, but that doesn't mean we want to see the swans targeted either.

Being locals, we've been walking our dogs on Bagnalls Beach daily for eight years and have never seen dog poo in the water (Examiner, Letter, January 21) and rarely on the beach. Unfortunately, we do continuously find other rubbish on the beach (plastics, broken bottles, wrappers etc.) left behind by irresponsible people. Fortunately, many dog owners make the effort to clean up after these people, ensuring that Bagnalls Beach is safe and clean for everyone to enjoy.

Brett & Nadine Boehm, Nelson Bay

Humans behind rubbish, not dogs

Unfortunately I strongly disagree with Mr Stowe's (Examiner, Letters, January 28) comments on dogs causing damage on Bagnalls Beach. If you walk regularly with your dog, especially in the holidays, and talk with more dog owners about the damage to this dog beach, it is done by humans. Broken beer bottles that children can walk on, rubbish left everywhere, deep sand holes are dug, while most of the dogs are enjoying a swim at a dog beach. I'm sure the dogs are not drinking beer or eating takeaway food and leaving it. This is a dogs beach. Just have to train the humans for damage to this beach, not the dogs.

Debbie Craven, Nelson Bay

Good job, Gladys

As my wife and I watch the daily briefing by NSW Premier Berejiklian, we have great admiration for the Premier as she steadily and surely leads NSW out of the Pandemic. Gladys, with affection we call her Gladys, is also a fashion statement of good taste befits a professional woman of highest quality. Her choices of materials, colours, patterns, and cuts rival Queen Elizabeth's many outfits. Good on you, Gladys.

Ernest To, Medowie