Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: February 18

Health team deserves a medal

I make no apology singing praises for the NSW Health Department in keeping us 'COVIDSafe', while Victoria, WA and other states struggle with their quarantine failures and border closures.

The unflappable NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant reports zero community transmission day in and day out.

Her team of health experts, contact tracers, frontline testers assisted by police, ADF and guards keep overseas returnees and the wider community safe.

IMPRESSIVE EFFORT: Medowie resident Ernest To believes NSW Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant and her team should be applauded for their actions during the pandemic.

IMPRESSIVE EFFORT: Medowie resident Ernest To believes NSW Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant and her team should be applauded for their actions during the pandemic.

One other thing about frontline workers is the PPE they wear.

The face shields, plastic aprons and gloves are no fashion statements, hot under the summer sun and cold in the unseasonal cold blasts.

I reckon the team should get special service medals, I can't think of anyone more deserving.

Ernest To, Medowie

Kindness makes a difference

I would sincerely like to thank the kind gentleman who found my prescription glasses outside the Lil' Buddha restaurant last week and handed them into centre management at the Salamander [Bay Square].

No details were left [as to who you are] but your very kind act is very much appreciated.

Vicki Smith, Anna Bay

Do it once, do it right

Over the recent holiday period, residents and visitors again had to put up with lengthy delays while travelling through Shoal Bay to, and from, Fingal Bay.

We have also witnessed the deterioration of parts of Government Road, which is now a major safety hazard.

While I understand that there is limited funds in the coffers of Port Stephens Council, the work that has been done should have been done properly.

Residents and visitors should not have to put up with these such traffic issues which, in my opinion, are hazards.

Gerry Mohan, Shoal Bay

Path maintenance 'lacking'

I have to contact Port Stephens Council every time in order to get a footpath verge mowed in Fern Bay.

The last time it was mowed, as far as I am aware, was in November 2020.

I complained about the lack of maintenance again prior to school going back as pedestrians, including school students, have to wade through overgrown grass on the footpath.

I rang again recently only to be told it had been done (which it had not).

Because Fern Bay is on the fringe of Port Stephens LGA it does not, in my opinion, get the same attention as Nelson Bay even though it is the gateway to Newcastle Airport.

The Newcastle council has its area pristine up to the Port Stephens boundary, from our side it looks like a pig sty.

Whenever I ring, I get the run around with the council saying it's an RMS road, and when you ring RMS they say they have contracted it to Port Stephens Council.

If RMS has contracted it to the council and payment is be paid, then I query the integrity of this contract.

Merv Drewe, Fern Bay

'FOGO' the way to go

I urge Port Stephens Council to join the increasing number of other councils that recycle green and food wastes through FOGO [Food organics and Garden Organics].

I believe it would help save the environment, save landfill space and save ratepayers' money.

Georgia Phillips, Salamander Bay

Parking sign confusing

I am wondering if the ugly blue, and largely confusing, parking sign at the end of Laman Street, Nelson Bay really necessary?

Roger Matthews, Nelson Bay