Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: April 1

Town beauty thanks to volunteers

NOT QUITE RIGHT: Annette Rumble, of Nelson Bay hopes the parklets will be improved upon if they are to remian a fixture of Shoal Bay.

NOT QUITE RIGHT: Annette Rumble, of Nelson Bay hopes the parklets will be improved upon if they are to remian a fixture of Shoal Bay.

I'd like to comment and thank the wonderful volunteers who give their time and energy to create and maintain beautiful cottage gardens in the Nelson Bay CBD.

I met one of these uncelebrated volunteers recently when I was taking a stroll after a dental appointment in town.

About my own age, she was bent over one of the gardens, repairing a patch of soil which, she said, was frequently run over by backing service vehicles.

Regardless of this, the volunteers continue to weed, replant and repair, creating something beautiful for the locals - and visitors - to enjoy.

After all the rain we've had recently, the gardens are looking lush, blooming with flowers I don't know the names of.

I wonder how many others have stopped to enjoy.

Jeanette Schultz, Salamander Bay

Parklets don't hit the mark

I do enjoy seeing, appreciate and support Port Stephens Council in their attempts to beautify our town centres.

There is nothing nicer than seeing gardens of colourful flowers, attractive shade trees being planted and the creation of inviting areas to sit. However, every time I look at the recently constructed 'parklets' in Shoal Bay, I am aghast.

Sure, they do add a touch of colour and some extra seating off the pavement but it is so very unattractive .

I often walk past and notice there is minimal shade and no one using them.

The addition of steel mesh panels as a safety measure to prevent people from stepping out onto the traffic is an eyesore.

I don't know if sitting right on the road as cars, buses and motorbikes pass noisily is very inviting.

For the amount of space they take up, there is very little seating.

To me, the parklets in Shoal Bay are disappointing and not attractive. Surely, if they are here to stay the council can propose a more attractive, modern design.

This current design is so 'yesterday'.

As it has been reported that this is a trial, I am hoping that the current design and location, will surely be reconsidered and improved with the result of aesthetically enhancing our village of Shoal Bay.

Annette Rumble, Nelson Bay

Finding a friend for Eric

Eric the Emu.

Very heart-warming to hear so many people concerned about 'Eric the Emu' during the recent flooding rains. Somewhat renews my faith in humanity, however wouldn't it be nice if someone could somehow find Eric a companion?

This way we could easily repay Eric/Erika for bringing such joy to so many during what can be a hum-drum drive from Newcastle.

M. McElhone, Nelson Bay

Infrastructure must endure

The 1-in-100 year rainfall we just had was devastating, but if we think that may not happen again for another hundred years we would be wrong.

Many residents in Port Stephens feel that Port Stephens Council should not just replace, but improve the failed road and drainage infrastructure.

Doing a better job does not mean spending more, but be more effective in preventing future damage and costly repairs.

Many were astonished by the number of road closures and water over the roads on the Tomaree Peninsula and they were nowhere near the Hunter and Williams rivers.

A friend visiting from Corlette had to detour from the Foreshore Drive and the collapsed Wambo Culvert, through Salamander Way and Port Stephens Drive.

On the way, numerous potholes were observed.

We thanked the council crews working hard filling potholes with bitumen, but their hard work would only be temporary, unfortunately.

Ernest To, Medowie

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