Tanilba Bay: Photos from the 190th anniversary celebration event at Tanilba House

More than 800 people turned out to Tanilba Bay's 190th anniversary celebrations at Tanilba House on Sunday.

"We were so delighted with how well the event went and couldn't have asked for a better day," event organiser and Tanilba House owner Deidre Hall said.

More than 50 people volunteered their time on March 28 to ensure the community celebration went off without a hitch.

Local musicians, Tanilba Bay Public School students, history, environment and other community groups provided entertainment, activities and information on the day.

"We are eternally grateful and couldn't have done it without you all," Ms Hall said.

Tanilba House was built by convicts for Lieutenant William Caswell who received a land grant of 50 acres on March 31, 1831.

To put it in perspective, the city of Melbourne was established in 1835.

"[March 31] was the official day Lt William Caswell received his land grant of 50 acres back in 1831. This included the Tanilba House homestead site on the peninsula and land extending roughly up to the water gates," Ms Hall said.

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