Letters to the Port Stephen Examiner: June 24

FILL IT IN: Pat Kennedy of Fingal Bay is encouraging people who are concerned about potholes to complete the council's satisfaction survey.
FILL IT IN: Pat Kennedy of Fingal Bay is encouraging people who are concerned about potholes to complete the council's satisfaction survey.

What is the plan for potholes

Does Port Stephens Council have a sensible/safe road maintenance plan for our so called paradise?

It appears that in the majority of circumstances it is a band-aid approach of simply filling in potholes which quickly wash out at the first rain. We did have heavy rains in autumn this year but we should not have so many holes and the subsequent quick fix filling-in of these. Potholes are often reoccurring in the same locations, so why not use a 'heavy patch repair', which involves cutting out a larger section of road and resealing it to significantly reduce the risk of reoccurrence.

I live in Rocky Point Road, Fingal Bay and I doubt whether I could count all the pothole plugs in the 300-metre section finishing at Marine Drive. Then there is the notorious Tomaree Road which is still a nightmare to drive on despite already completed major road works.

These potholes could easily lead to an vehicle accident.

I read a recent Strategic Asset Management Plan - Port Stephenswhich stated that the council's roads are safe with increasing community satisfaction and are maintained in accordance with several condition ratings. I don't think the roads are fit for the present let alone fit for the future. I encourage everyone to fill out the latest Council Satisfaction Survey if you are concerned about the state of our roads.

Pat Kennedy, Fingal Bay

Display voting records

Firstly, I was appalled that a DA on flood prone land was approved 5-4, against recommendation by council planners (Examiner, June 17).

Years ago, I was a SES volunteer and had some risky moments on the flooding rivers of Hunter and Williams.

Frankly, I won't want to be anywhere near these flooding rivers, let alone 'living' on an artificial island. The DA approval was incompatible with community wellbeing.

Secondly, for the council elections in September, it's fine to have pre-elections public meetings of the candidates and let them have a say.

Really, voters are entitled to know what candidates have achieved for the community. Perhaps, the general manager should provide an audit of council meeting attendance and voting records of the current councillors.

As the wise saying: "The proof of the pudding is in the eating."

Ernest To, Medowie

Vessel deserves preservation

It comes a sad time when a true, trusting friend calls it a day after 40 years of going to sea, learning about our beautiful surroundings and flora and fauna - then sharing the knowledge as only John 'Stinker' Clarke can.

His boat Stinkpot I has had to be replaced by a bright, shining Stinkpot II which is ready to take Stinker out to sea.

But what is to become of Stinkpot I?

As Stinker is a true icon, teacher and environmentalist, I think it's only right that Stinkpot I should become Fingal Bay's 'Sculpture by the Sea' with a plaque to tell a little of Stinker's story in his own, humourous words.

Sue Ireland, Fingal Bay

DA impact to cemetery

I am greatly concerned that it is proposed to develop a heliport next door the the district cemetery.

As a community that has a majority of seniors I believe that cemetery should be places of commemoration and quiet reflections on departed loved ones not battle with the comings and goings of helicopters that are noted for their noise.

If it is considered that this service is necessary to promote our tourism industry there are plenty of other prominent sites such as the land on the corner of Port Stephens Drive which, I believe, is on the market now.

Frank Ward. OAM, Shoal Bay


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