Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: July 1

Port Stephens shortchanged

BOTTLENECK: Traffic on Nelson Bay Road. Boat Harbour resident Mark Kelly is tired of waiting for the road's duplication.

BOTTLENECK: Traffic on Nelson Bay Road. Boat Harbour resident Mark Kelly is tired of waiting for the road's duplication.

So, Paul Toole thinks the Nelson Bay Road Duplication is "powering ahead" (Examiner website, NSW Budget: what's in it for Port Stephens, Wednesday, June 23).

Well I'd hate to see if they were dragging their heels. Endless consultation, more consideration, no real decision 'so let's kick it all down the road again'. All they have committed to is a 900 meter section of duplication and some more money for planning.
This promise has been broken so many times and the Hunter is once again shortchanged in favor of Sydney where they manage to waste hundreds of millions. It's An absolute disgrace.

Mark Kelly, Boat Harbour

Electric vehicles need support

As an Electric Vehicle (EV) owner I was pleased to see some positive support for EVs in the NSW Coalition government's 2021 budget, in stark contrast to that of the federal government.

While less than one per cent of vehicles on our roads at this time are EVs this number could increase markedly with appropriate government support. This support will help alleviate the misconceptions about range anxiety and access to charging facilities. Although the upfront cost of an EV is greater than an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle the servicing and fuel costs are markedly less. From experience the issue of range is over stated and miss understood, it has been said the only people with range anxiety are those who don't drive an EV. The average daily commute is 50 kilometres even an EV with the smallest range could be used for four days before needing a charge. Unlike an ICE vehicle driver an EV driver doesn't need to go to a servo they can charge overnight at home from a regular 10amp power point at a fraction of the cost of fuelling an equivalent petrol or diesel vehicle. I will be looking closely at the candidates in our upcoming Council election on September 4 as to their commitments to EV facilities for the visitors and residents of Port Stephens and the use of EVs in the council vehicle fleet where appropriate.

Les Pinney, Lemon Tree Passage

Power shortages prediction

So where are the global warming doomsayers of late?

The climate has changed, it has been so cold and unusually wet. Is that not climate change?

Dams full to overflowing despite their cries of apocalyptic water shortages just a few short years ago. Is it too cold and wet for them to go out? Surely the planet is still in dire need of their finger pointing? We are in a solar minimum but I am sure when it warms up again and the fuel load on forest floors leads to crisis bushfire level like the previous year they will be back. I am sure when the weather warms, they will all arise from their heated hibernation chambers to set us straight once again. Here is my prediction for the future, Liddell power station closes final power generation units 2023. Government set to build new gas fired plant to offset loss by 2023. Climate alarmists delay project. Politicians pander to minority. Silent majority remains silent against vocal minority. Power shortages result.

I hope I am wrong. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Literally. Think I might start a group. Power for Port Stephens.

Luke Thiele, Soldiers Point

Not sold on solar

We've been told by Governments, greenies and yuppies to go solar and get off fossil fuels.

Like many, I have paid thousands for a solar system only to see the feed-in tariff drop from 24cents per kilowatt-hour to now 5c/kWh from July 1, 2021. Having a solar system is no longer viable, especially when energy suppliers turn our excess into massive profits by charging more than 20c/kWh for usage and 70c/kWh for supply.

So I'm out, solar is off and I'm back to an overworked and strained network.

Chris Smith, Medowie

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