Letters to the Port Stephen Examiner: August 19

OPTION: Members of Anna Bay Fishing Club would like to have their original boat access to Shelley Beach reinstated. Photo taken before the Hunter lockdown.
OPTION: Members of Anna Bay Fishing Club would like to have their original boat access to Shelley Beach reinstated. Photo taken before the Hunter lockdown.

Boat access not needed

Regarding the article 'Fishos want boat access back' [Examiner, News, August 12], why?

I have not seen a boat launched at Shelley Beach while there was access for many years.

There is public access to the vast majority of Birrubi, plus Fishermans and Boat Harbour, both have beach access.

Launching at Shelley Beach was through an ever changing channel and was only ever available in calm seas.

Why take away public beach space on one of the area's favourite beaches for families?

Beach parking is illegal and street parking is already at a premium.

Boats need to be beach launched and access would only be available when the seas are favourable.

When it was open, it was a danger to young children on the beach and in the water and would continue to be.

More recently the only access was via the locked gate for emergency vehicles.

Access would also require destroying part of the already very fragile dune system.

We do not need another boat access point.

Darcy Geale, Anna Bay

Shady opportunity missed

The new shade sails in the car park at Coles, Tanilba Bay are a welcome addition but I feel are an opportunity wasted.

The recent IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] report says we urgently need to drastically reduce emissions from the use of fossil fuels especially from electricity generation. Solar panels do this.

Solar panels used as the shade in car parks have been done before, sometimes in combination with community batteries and would have been more appropriate in this day and age.

The additional cost would be more than offset over the life of the panels as would the emissions from their manufacture as they generally have a 25 year warranty and would probably last a lot longer.

Les Pinney, Lemon Tree Passage

Echoing calls on leadership

I agree fully with Ernest To in regard to his letter 'Strong leadership needed' [Examiner, August 12].

Port Stephens councillors, in my opinion, have shown a complete disregard for the safety of the community.

We can see around the world and in Australia the many instances where human lives have been devastated because councils have allowed development in flood prone land.

Yves Monnet, Nelson Bay

No excuses, do our bit

We are now seeing the economic and social restrictions that COVID-19 can cause - mainly due to not following the advice and instructions of health experts.

No one wants to pass on this cruel virus to our families, friends and others.

We must get our vaccinations. No more excuses.

Protect our fellow citizens and forget politics until the next elections.

Get on with the job.

Gerry Mohan, Shoal Bay

Positives in the pandemic

I wish to congratulate Port Stephens Council and all the clever and enterprising businesses doing it tough that are still here with us during the pandemic.

Thank you also to the people who designed, and the shopkeepers who maintain, those beautiful street gardens in Nelson Bay that are such a joy to see.

Its also heartening to hear that the council is planning entertainment in the streets and parks to cheer us up as soon as allowed.

For those wondering where the SeaSide Singers Community Choir is, sadly in lockdown with everyone else, but stay tuned for our next concert later in the year.

Diana Souter, SeaSide Singers Community Choir