Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: August 26

Carpark solar option a bright idea

DO THE RIGHT THING: Carolyn Lewis of Soldiers Point is urging people to dispose of their masks in the bin.

DO THE RIGHT THING: Carolyn Lewis of Soldiers Point is urging people to dispose of their masks in the bin.

Les Pinney's idea to cover car parks with solar panels is a good one ('Shady opportunity missed, Letters, Examiner, August 19).

Solar carpark shade structures already exist in South Australia, Victoria and NSW.

A new structure in Lismore is adding an EV charger and was funded by a federal government grant.

But counterintuitively, the government's own Australian Energy Market Commission is considering a proposal for charging solar owners to export to the grid - in effect, taxing the sun.

It's fifty years since Joni Mitchell released Big Yellow Taxi with the famous line, "They paved paradise, put up a parking lot."

Joni might gain some solace that the renewable energy generated by the solar structure will help counter global warming, and the shade provided will help reduce the urban heat island effect.

Last year, Coles, Woolworths and Aldi announced they would power their operations with 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2025.

A solar carpark shade structure at the three-supermarket complex at Salamander Bay is the perfect location.

Will they do it?

Ray Peck, Hawthorn, Vic

Can Karuah have a fair go

When does Port Stephens Council think the people of Karuah will see a new road coming into Karuah from the south?

Driving around the LGA I see new walkways and bicycle tracks in other areas, especially the Bay area but our main entry road just keeps getting the pot holes repaired.

We also have new housing estates in this area and yes we do and they will also pay rates. Give us a go.

John Morgan, Karuah

Foreshore first class design

Whoever organised, designed and created the foreshore park development in Shoal Bay, well done - a bloody good job.

From the wide, serpentine shared pathway to the undulating park areas and barbecue/picnic facilities, all is first class.

And to the person who came up with the idea of bolting a bench seat to the top of a sandstone slab: you, sir, are a genius.

At a time when we can't travel to the rest of the world, this is an example of world-class public landscaping.

Phil Souness, Nelson Bay

Can't mask anger at litter

It appears the Covid-19 has bestowed upon us a different kind of litter.

On my exercise walks I have seen discarded face masks in car parks, children's playgrounds and on the beach to name a few.

Nobody wants to touch and pick up other people's germs particularly in these hard times.

Show some consideration and dispose of these in the correct manner to keep us in a safer environment.

Carolyn Lewis, Soldiers Point

United in fight against COVID-19

In time of war, a country is united to fight the enemy.

There's no Opposition but the enemy.

In time of pandemic, a country must be united to fight the pandemic. There is no other enemy but the COVID-19.

The federal and State governments, with all available resources, are charged with the responsibility to fight the pandemic and keep us COVIDSAFE (I was fully AZed early July).

So, it's good to see some Opposition MPs wholeheartedly joining the Governments' effort to encourage everyone in the community to do the right things to win the pandemic war.

Many thanks for joining a good fight for the lives of all of us.

Ernest To, Medowie

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